Hello Partners,
I’m thrilled to take on the role of WPC Experience Ambassador for the Microsoft partner community!
My first priority for the conference is to continue aligning to our partner-first philosophy. As the largest Microsoft partner event, WPC is the best place to discover new business opportunities, network with fellow partners and with Microsoft, and gain insights about the technology industry as a whole. I am excited to share the value of this event with partners and ensure that WPC continues to provide an absolutely transformative partner experience.
I’ve had a number of people ask me about taking over the role of WPC Experience Ambassador and I thought that partners might have some similar questions. Here are the questions I hear most often, and my answers:
What is the greatest challenge in pulling off such a huge event?
The greatest challenge is ensuring that every single piece of the event is orchestrated with the partner in mind and that it aligns to the overall partner experience. We develop specific planning objectives that are centered around our partners and the experience we hope to create for them at WPC. With everything we do, before we do it, we ask ourselves if it aligns to that. If it doesn’t, we don’t do it.

How do you stay organized when planning such a huge event?
It really does take a village to pull off an event like WPC. We have an amazing team helping plan the event; relying on their specific expertise and having clear lines of communication makes staying organized easy.

What did you learn from your predecessor, Kati Quigley that you’ll take with you into the next WPC planning process?
Kati has an incredible passion for the partner community and it comes through in everything she does. Her passion is infectious and has really energized me to be just as passionate with every aspect of the event.

What are three pieces of advice you’d have for partners attending their first WPC in 2016?

  1. Sign up for the First Time Attendee program and get a mentor so you can have someone to help you navigate the conference.
  2. Sign up for Connect and start connecting with Microsoft and other partners before you get to Toronto.
  3. When you are onsite at WPC, maximize your time! There are so many connections to be made and things to do. Set up meetings with Microsoft and other partners, connect with partners from your region, visit the sponsors and exhibitors – and have fun!

What are you most looking forward to at WPC 2016?

I’m looking forward to meeting with partners – getting to know them, their business and their day to day challenges – and helping them make connections to drive their business forward.

In one sentence, why should partners attend WPC?

As the largest Microsoft partner event, it is the single biggest opportunity to inspire, activate and drive joint business with our partner channel, so your opportunities are endless – you won’t want to miss it!

As we plan the WPC 2016 experience over the coming months, we are challenging ourselves to approach every aspect of the event with a growth mindset and to be bold in our thinking. I challenge you to do the same in your business and in your everyday experiences.
I look forward to seeing the continued growth of the partner ecosystem over the next year am excited about connecting with you at WPC 2016 in Toronto. Be sure to take advantage of our early booking discount of US $1,695 available until November 2 and reserve your spot now.
See you there,