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I’m happy to share in the excitement that Microsoft FastTrack is expanding in a big way. Partners have benefited from the FastTrack service for Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), helping thousands of customers deploy and upgrade. Now FastTrack is available in preview for Windows 10 and Dynamics 365.

FastTrack 101

If you’re new to or unfamiliar with the FastTrack service, here are the basics. FastTrack provides customers and their partners with the essential tools, resources, and guidance needed to help them move to Microsoft technologies like Office 365 and EMS. It simplifies deployment, provides greater opportunities for customer success, and helps generate new business opportunities for partners through value added services. With FastTrack, you can help your customers leverage powerful tools like productivity library to jump into the deployment process with confidence and expand your customer reach at the same time.

“FastTrack provides the speed needed to win Office 365 deals and onboard users at a high velocity. Speed translates into savings: customers often can’t afford the longer migration that we provide alone.”
– Eric Sugar, President, ProServeIT

Additionally, the service connects customers to engineering resources, partner incentives, tools, and content to ensure a successful rollout. FastTrack makes onboarding new and existing customers a smooth process, which is critical to gaining their confidence and delivering the best customer experience possible. With FastTrack, customers can easily collaborate with their partner and FastTrack team to plan for success and execute the perfect rollout.

“Most often, migration work represents 30 to 40 percent of our hours on a project. Using Microsoft FastTrack saves us up to 90 percent of that time.”
– Loryan Strant, Cloud Chief Technology, Generation-e

Overall, FastTrack helps partners capture more of the high value service opportunities, as well as receive greater margin and recurring revenue streams, that great businesses are built on.

Supporting Cross-Service Success

While FastTrack was previously only available for Office 365 and EMS customers, the new expansion to cover both Windows 10 and Dynamics 365 opens the playing field to connect with a wider range of customers. The role partners play in the expansion of FastTrack is critical, and the business opportunity is very real. Here’s what you can expect from the expansion of the service.

New! FastTrack for Windows 10 Preview

Windows 10 is the fastest adopted version of Windows ever. According to a recent Forrester report, migrating to Windows 10 reduces IT costs, increases end-user productivity, and is easier and quicker to deploy compared with earlier upgrades. But your customers still need your help and expertise to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

That’s where FastTrack comes in. FastTrack for Windows 10 provides a single digital destination for all the tools, resources, and guidance needed for a successful roll-out of the most secure version of Windows ever. Unique to this service is that deployment planning and service delivery is provided through partners. We are also making it easier for customers to find great partners to assist in their deployment directly through the FastTrack portal.

Partners tell us that Windows 10 provides a solid foundation for additional services revenue from managed services to adopting cloud workloads. For example, there’s a huge opportunity to align the rollout of Windows 10 with Office 365 ProPlus for a secure and productive computing experience on modern PCs. Start by helping customers opt in to include Office 365 ProPlus in Windows 10 success plans through FastTrack.

Then check out what offers you and your customers are eligible for to help accelerate Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus deployment, including Windows Accelerate for POCs and Pilots, Desktop Deployment Planning Services, and the Windows Defender ATP Customer Rebate Offer. For the first time Windows and Devices competency partners can now request funding for Windows Accelerate offers directly through FastTrack.

New! FastTrack for Dynamics 365 Preview

Since the launch of Dynamics 365 in November 2016, we have seen great momentum in the market. To help customers move to Dynamics 365 smoothly and confidently, FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is now available to all eligible customers. By leveraging best practices and guidance offered directly by the Microsoft FastTrack engineering team, you can enhance your engagement with customers and accelerate deployments by helping them make a smooth transition to Dynamics 365.

You’ll also be able to expand your capabilities through real-time readiness and enablement with Microsoft and increase customer satisfaction by driving predictable and repeatable deployments to the cloud thereby strengthening the partner-customer relationship. Learn more by visiting the FastTrack for Dynamics site and reach out to the Dynamics team with any questions you have.

Updates to FastTrack for Office 365 and EMS

Today, FastTrack serves more than 4,000 new Office 365 and EMS customers every month, and with our expansion into Windows 10 and Dynamics 365, as well as the roll out of new offerings for Office 365, we expect to see that number rise even higher.

FastTrack for Office 365 will now include support for Microsoft Teams, such as a scenario and awareness kit designed to get customers quickly up to speed on the capabilities of the new program. Also available will be online resources and remote guidance for onboarding and end-user adoption directly from the FastTrack team. FastTrack will now provide new best-practices for Office 365 ProPlus Deployment and Office 365 User Adoption to help drive user adoption and provide actionable guidance for IT pros.

Lastly, FastTrack for Office 365 will now provide tools and processes for onboarding and migration scenarios which are fully compliant with international technology security standard ISO27001 and covered in the Microsoft HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. These updates along with expanded localization services will make FastTrack for Office 365 an even more essential resource for partners looking to drive the digital transformation of their customers. Learn more by visiting

With all these amazing resources now available to partners, there really is no good excuse not to help your customers get the most out of their Microsoft technologies with FastTrack.

Are you already working with FastTrack? How do you see the new FastTrack opportunities helping you serve your customers and grow your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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