I am pleased to share more exciting new Office news straight from the SharePoint Conference taking place this week, as well as guidance that partners can use as we approach Volume Licensing general availability on December 1, 2012.    To help your company ready themselves to sell and support the new Office; you can use the following licensing and pricing information to help you get a jump start on the Volume Licensing availability of the new Office.

Licensing and Pricing Guidance Now Available
The new Office SKU Pricing Guide and supporting materials are now available to qualified partners including:
Partner Opportunities Driven by the new Office
Drive revenue opportunities by highlighting new Office features such as: 
  •  Anywhere Access
    • Access your files and work from almost anywhere and deliver an Office experience optimized for every device
    • Check your email on the go and work from virtually anywhere there is web access
  • Working Together
    • Share files easily and make collaboration more efficient
    • Connect online and Create content together more easily
  • Security and Reliability
    • Help ensure email and document confidentiality and prevent file loss
    • Share online with business-class security
  • Office and Windows are better together; with two great products launching in the same year, you have the chance to give your customers a world class productivity experience.
There are over 10,000 attendees at this year’s SharePoint Conference who heard in Monday’s keynote the news about where we are taking enterprise social and the incredible developer opportunity with the new development model for the new Office and SharePoint.  Please visit the event’s Virtual Press Room for additional content, including a live stream of the keynote.
Enterprise Social
SharePoint Conference attendees heard for the first time since the Yammer acquisition our vision for enterprise social:  A world where social is woven into the applications you use every day and where all the tools we use to communicate and collaborate are connected. To make that vision a reality, Microsoft will provide a consistent, familiar social layer across the places you work, including third-party applications. This will bring together the industry’s leading applications for productivity, collaboration, communication with enterprise social into a single IT platform.  The Microsoft Office Division has posted specific information on Yammer on the Official Microsoft Blog that explains our roadmap and the pricing plan that will enable users to experience great Enterprise Social Networking solutions now part of the Microsoft portfolio. 
All this represents large opportunities for partners.  For resellers, you will be able to transact Yammer through Microsoft Volume Licensing starting with the March pricelist. When building and recommending social solutions, partners can start including Yammer with their SharePoint Solutions. Since Yammer will be provided with Office 365 E Plans in EA starting March 2013, there are additional financial benefits for Partner Advisors. Microsoft’s incentive structure for Office 365 provides Partner Advisors 12% of revenue provided in Year 1 for Deployment followed by 4% in Year 2 for on-going management!  In addition to viewing the blog post, please refer to https://www.yammer.com/about/pricing for further information.
Developer Model for the new Office and SharePoint
The new cloud application model provides a single, cloud-based development platform that enables developers to write apps for the new Office and SharePoint that enable new user experiences and scenarios, and market them on the Office Store.  In addition, the model allows developers to take advantage of familiar development tools and languages, like Javascript, .NET, and HTML5 that they use today to develop faster and more cohesively than ever.
For all our partners, the new cloud app model is providing clear opportunities many partners are jumping on:
  • Long-term SharePoint partners are excited about the new model and already developing apps
  • Startups who have never developed on Microsoft before are also finding it easy to create apps that reach new audiences
  • Independent developers are also seeing the opportunity to reach the significant audience of Office customers
We also announced that SharePoint has crossed an important milestone – $2 billion (USD, adjusted) in annual revenues.  More than 2 in 3 information workers use SharePoint.  This tremendous growth is due to an incredible ecosystem of partners, customers and developers.  To our partners who have developed a SharePoint practice, we thank you! 
As we have shared previously, we are evolving our Microsoft Partner Network SharePoint competencies to better meet market demands and customer opportunities.  The new Collaboration and Content competency will be available November 19, 2012.  All partners who currently have a competency in Search, Content Management, and/or Portals and Collaboration will automatically be transitioned into this new competency, with a year to re-qualify against the new requirements. Please take a look at the transition guide to learn more.
Thank you for making the investments required to make the new Office a thriving part of your business and let’s get out and drive some great energy in this area together!