As a member of the IAMCP we’re pleased to share our story about partnering to win, and how WPC helped us meet a great business partner.

At the Worldwide Partner Conference our company, Fusion Mobile, was able to make a valuable connection with a fellow partner that led to our ability to provide an incredible solution for a company we may not have otherwise been in contact with. We made the connection with Obsidian at WPC during a partner briefing session in the UK. We were both keen to discuss the new solutions that had been launched at the conference. Obsidian had been looking for ways to support their customers’ needs for mobile solutions and to identify ways that Windows Phone could be a key driver for the growth of their business revenues. We were both excited about what Microsoft had announced, but were conscious that the solutions needed to work for us as partners as well as the end customer. Our increased profile as a result of being IAMCP members enabled us to open up the discussion on Windows Phone as a natural topic of conversation given the challenges that Obsidian had identified. Soon after, our partnership was formed.
Sometime after meeting at WPC and working together, Obsidian introduced us to Forster Dean who they had been working with supporting their IT environment. Forster was looking for a best-in-class experience for their end users, which would give them an even greater competitive advantage and drive further efficiencies within their business. Inevitably, in today’s economic climate, cost was a consideration, but the key drivers for change were not just financial, they wanted to create an integration with the existing IT infrastructure and enhance the end user environment through smartphone acceptance. Their current technology was stifling the potential opportunity for a leading edge solution. Forster was looking to mobilise its workforce and use mobile phone technology to improve the connection between its staff and customers through social media and the ability to access their desktops and email anywhere.
With our knowledge of Microsoft, particularly Windows Phone, we were able to have an open discussion with our partner Obsidian and the customer about what they needed in mobile support for their company. We reviewed their technology, including their short and long-term needs. With specific requirements around mobile working we were able to propose a Windows Phone solution that not only offered significantly improved end-user experience that had previously not been possible, but also an ongoing service level agreement, which the incumbent suppliers had been unable to match.
Being able to provide these types of unmatched solutions for our customers with other partners is exciting. The ability to gain insight into the latest Microsoft technologies and share conversations about them with fellow partners, while building that lead to more business opportunities like this, our company has had several wins.
These wins are  the most valuable aspect of WPC and being a member of IAMCP.