Is email marketing dead?
Did social media kill it?
Not at all!
There is an ever-increasing list of ways to reach customers and prospects, but according to VentureBeat, email marketing still sees the highest return on investment when compared to various forms of digital marketing.
And if that’s the case, shouldn’t you make it part of your marketing mix?
Here are four reasons email is so effective, and four ways you can put the power of email marketing to work for your organization:

1. You can personalize it.

How likely are you to open mail addressed to “resident” or “occupant”? Yeah, me neither. But, personalizing your emails can make it much more likely your message will be opened and read.

How to do it:

Email templates and automation software make it simple to add a name and other details that make your message feel genuine rather than marketing-y. Check out this sample email template from the ModernBiz Connect with Customers campaign – it’s easy to add the customer’s name for that personal touch. You can also modify the copy to reflect your organization’s voice and relationship with that customer.
Be sure to take a look at all of the ModernBiz email templates and use the one that speaks to your customers’ most common pain points: Grow Efficiently, Safeguard your Business, Connect with Customers, and Business Anywhere.
The right email marketing software – like one from this list by PCMag – can make life easier and help keep you from running afoul of global email marketing laws. For truly informed, sophisticated engagement with customers, of course there’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
A couple of best practices:
  • Don’t use full names. “Dear Jennifer Tomlinson” feels a little impersonal. “Dear Jennifer” is friendlier.
  • Be sure names are spelled correctly – a misspelling or other error can leave your recipient wondering what else you’ve got wrong about them.

2. You can segment.

Digital marketing is all about providing the right audience with the right message at the right time, and email marketing is a great way to target your message and test your success.

How to do it:

With a targeted email campaign, you can tailor your sales pitch for the industry, purpose, and pain points at hand. Selling Office 365? If you’re working with SMBs, you might talk about the low upfront-costs and increased efficiencies. For enterprise customers, the message might focus more on securing personal devices used for work. Be sure any deployment system you use has targeting and tracking capabilities so you can test your success and tweak if necessary.
Here are a few more tips on how to segment and customize your messaging with email marketing:

3. You can complement it.

Combining social media messaging with emails can increase the power and reach of both.

How to do it:

Time social campaigns to coordinate with email messaging, and be sure the look and feel is consistent so viewers can easily make the connection. Add social sharing buttons to your emails to make it easy for readers to share the content they find valuable, spreading your brand and message for you.

4. You can leverage it for so much more.

Email marketing can be a great tool for multiple purposes: alert prospects to events or offers, drive traffic to your amazing website or landing page, reward customers for their loyalty, collect additional information to help you make the sale, and more.

How to do it:

As always, provide genuine value. Nurture prospects by offering exclusive content like a great offer, a valuable case study or white paper. Nurture existing relationships by educating them on capabilities of their solution they may not have discovered yet.
Conduct some A/B testing – when you have a great offer, generate a couple of different emails and see which gets more click-throughs. Then track which links get clicked the most and which lead your consumers to the “buy now” page most often. Take advantage of timely opportunities. Email can have a super-quick turnaround time, allowing you to capitalize on unexpected events, offers, and announcements your customers might be interested in.
Email marketing is very much alive, and given its effectiveness and relatively low cost, if it’s not part of your current marketing strategy, add it! Begin with a friendly holiday message, if appropriate, and maybe even a new offer. It’s a great way to connect with prospects, reconnect with current customers, and begin or continue the conversation so critical to long-term relationships.
Ready to launch your email marketing campaign? Be sure to check out the resources in ModernBiz and the Partner Marketing Center.

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