Recently we brought you our five most popular Microsoft-to-partner blogs of 2014. This week, we’re showcasing five of our partner blogs which received lots of comments, clicks, and conversation. Clearly, our community feels there’s a lot of value to learning from one another, so we’re pleased to bring back this important information!
Who doesn’t love a story that involves smart kids and great apps? In his blog, Nigel tells us about how LCG Technologies was approached to build an app for the Scripps National Spelling Bee. LCG built the multi-functional app on Windows 8, and at the event, Microsoft, a major Scripps sponsor, gave each of the 281 Scripps competitors a Surface. It’s a terrific story of innovation put to the best possible purpose: helping kids learn.
A frequent guest blogger on DigitalWPC, Christian’s posts always resonate well with partners. In this blog, he advocates for the use of social collaboration tools – particularly Yammer – to increase workplace productivity. Bookmarks, sharing, recognition, announcements, and external networks are terrific, underused features that can help businesses improve internal and external relationships through better communication. Christian gives detailed, actionable steps to introduce social to the workplace – don’t miss it.
Perhaps not surprisingly for a blog on social engagement, Jeff’s was one of our most popular Facebook posts of the year. Is your company considering diving into social media? You should, says Jeff, but you need to be prepared. In his blog, Jeff provides some tips, tools, and best practices for participating in online conversations so you can be successful and avoid potentially embarrassing or explosive situations.
Steve’s company Forceworks actually started with a Microsoft compete organization, but a point-by-point comparison convinced his team that switching to Microsoft was the way to go. While we certainly appreciate his enthusiasm for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we also think his post is an important reminder of the value of questioning your status quo from time to time. It can be difficult to scrutinize how you do business, but as Steve demonstrates in his blog, it can also point up real opportunities for growth.
As more and more millennials are entering the job market, the way companies find and hire them has changed to suit a more technological age. As John points out, 94% of employers use LinkedIn to recruit candidates, and many use social media channels to vet potential employees. However, like most things in business, it’s best to have a plan before diving in. John gives great advice on how to strategize, develop an attractive corporate brand online, determine appropriate platforms, and blend online recruiting with your existing methods.
Bonus post: Teaching tech-savvy, 21st Century kids – Hatem Sallam
As a team, we really loved this blog: Hatem tells the story of innovation, education, and technology, all combined to help students do more and go farther. Government officials in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates realized their students could perform better, so they tasked educational professionals and ITWORX Education to arm learners with 21st Century tools. The resulting applications and resources have been helping schoolchildren, their teachers, schools, and parents access more information more easily, communicate better, and prepare to meet the future.
We’d like to thank all our partners who generously shared their time and expertise with us and the partner community. If you have a story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it – please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.