Let’s face it, marketing can be challenging.
We know it, and we want to make it easier and quicker than ever for you to execute marketing campaigns that work so you can get back to what you do best: providing your customers with the best IT solutions for their problems.
And as a Microsoft Partner, you’ve got an arsenal of tools on your side to help get you there. From social media copy to email templates, we’ve created customizable marketing materials that address the four common solutions our research tells us businesses frequently seek.

Welcome to the future of your marketing: ModernBiz

The new, improved ModernBiz platform serves up dynamic marketing assets and resources aligned to common customer business challenges, so you can get to market quicker and attract new customers.
A resource that enables you to solve your customer’s pain points, the newly designed and easy to navigate ModernBiz provides pre-made, tailored content you can use to:
  1. Identify customers’ challenges,
  2. Overcome those specific obstacles, and
  3. Communicate your solutions and your expertise to prospects.
ModernBiz doesn’t just help you sell products, it helps you solve problems. Developed in collaboration with some of our most successful partners, this integrated marketing campaign brings together solutions from across the breadth of the Microsoft platform and focuses them on your customers’ biggest problems.
Here’s how to leverage the efficiency and integration of the newly updated ModernBiz site to turn prospects into leads and problems into opportunities:

Ready-to-use content to help solve customer pain points

ModernBiz provides you with business-ready solutions, tailored to meet four common customer challenges, allowing great problem-solving precision.

1. Business Anywhere

Designed to address productivity and mobility complications, this pillar combines Office 365, Yammer, Windows 10 and devices, and more. Use this package for the tools your customer needs to connect teams and work together, anywhere.

2. Safeguard your business

If your customer’s focus is on cybercrime and data security, be sure to check out these assets. With Office 365 and Azure, you can offer advanced data protection at every level of your customer’s IT.

3. Grow efficiently

For customers who are concerned with scaling their business and having their IT infrastructure scale with it, a combination of Windows 10 and devices, Office 365, Windows 10, and SQL Server 2014 will help them adapt quickly to changing business needs and have the storage space they need to grow.

4. Connect with customers

If your customer is having difficulty understanding their customers’ data and touchpoints, use this ready-to-use content to show your them how Office 365, Power BI, and CRM Online will enable them to understand and act on all that data.

Communicate your solutions and expertise

You know what the problems are. You know how to solve them. That’s great, but it won’t get you sales unless you can find your prospects and convince them you’re their best choice.
Fortunately, each ModernBiz pillar comes with easy to use, downloadable assets like copy blocks, pitch decks, email templates, and social media posts to help you attract the attention of prospects and bring them to your website. These resources can be used out-of-the-box and are easily customizable so you can add your own voice and flair.
Remember that serving your customers doesn’t begin or end with the product you sell them. Serving customers begins with understanding your customers, the business challenges they face on a day to day basis, and knowing what you can do to help – even before they are your customers.
It’s a challenge, but with the tailored marketing materials from ModernBiz, it can be done.