Hello partners!


This week, I’m thinking about the opportunities partners have to sell their solutions and expand their businesses. A recurring conversation that partners seem to be having is one about talent. Several sessions at WPC covered this topic, and it is one that will likely remain a key discussion point for the foreseeable future. I just read an article released by PwC in March of this year that said, “53 percent of global CEOs see the availability of key skills as a threat to their growth prospects. And a majority of CEOs wish they could spend more time focused on developing the leadership of their business and their talent pipeline.” 
Microsoft Academy of College Hires (MACH) presented at WPC and gave a statistic that by 2014, Gen Y in the global multigenerational workforce will increase 48 percent! Julie Bennani pointed out in her session presentation at WPC, “The Coming Talent War and Building Partner Skills Excellence,” that the partner growth challenge is not a customer demand problem, but a talent supply problem. The rapid industry growth we are feeling and continuing to strive for will indeed continue to add pressure. This is why belonging to the Microsoft Partner Network is so vital to partner growth and expansion strategies. 
The Microsoft Partner Network is focused on the areas of Capacity, Capability, and Commitment. With Microsoft’s strategic imperatives being execution and innovation, capability is where we need to build skills and bring new talent into the business. I want to echo Julie’s sentiments from her presentation – that Microsoft understands your challenge and we are behind you, committed to your success. We’re committed to aligning in key areas to achieve scale, placing a focus on top talent resources, and providing training opportunities via the Partners Sales Skills Excellence Initiatives.
Take a peek at Julie Bennani’s presentation from WPC and the MACH presentation through WPC Connect. After you log in, select “my schedule,” then click the green session documents button and search for presentations BL05p and BL33.
On another quick note, this past Tuesday, I flew into Houston for the day to get a quick peek of the site where we’ll be hosting WPC 2013. What I saw was fresh and modern! It motivated me to continue my focus on creating a contemporary Houston experience that you will truly enjoy.
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