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I am pleased to share that on August 1st, 2017 we will expand FastTrack to include Microsoft Azure as a preview in US, Canada, and Australia. Over the coming months, we will be reviewing the results of this preview to determine how we roll out to other countries in the future.

FastTrack is designed to help customers accelerate their transition to the cloud so that they can realize business value faster while also providing partners with new opportunities to deliver value added services. According to a study by IDC, for every $1 of Microsoft cloud services a partner sells or influences, they make an average $4.14 through their value-added services and solutions. This expansion of FastTrack brings together a portfolio of cloud services including Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Windows, and now Azure.

Let me take a moment to share some details and resources ahead of its availability, so you can get your team prepared for this amazing opportunity to engage with customers and leverage FastTrack to help your customers achieve more.

“With FastTrack for Azure, we get the client set up and happy with the solution 75% faster than we could before—so we can begin to discuss add-on solutions sooner and capture more opportunities with the customer. We’re up 200% in the number of engagements we have with our existing customer base.”

– Bill Hole, President, US Licensing Group

FastTrack for Azure Preview

FastTrack for Azure helps customers build solutions quickly and confidently in the cloud. Our engineers work side by side with partners to guide customers, from setup, configuration, and development to production.
Starting August 1st 2017, FastTrack for Azure will provide the following solutions:

  • Backup and Archive
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Development and test
  • Internal Line of Business Applications (Database Migration, App Modernization, App Lift & Shift)

As the program evolves, we will continue to expand to the solution offerings.

During preview, FastTrack for Azure is available through Microsoft-field nomination to customers that are:

  • Located in the United States, Canada, or Australia (English-only).
  • Have an Azure project of USD $60,000 or more per year or equivalent in local currency.
  • Not supported by a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect.
  • Aim to deploy a supported solution.

Understanding the Partner Opportunity

With FastTrack for Azure, our goal is to work closely with partners early and throughout the process to maximize our mutual customers success. Here are three things you should know about the program:

  • When no partner is present in the account, we will provide leads to qualified FastTrack for Azure partners. This presents a great opportunity for new and ongoing business for Azure partners.
  • Partners will be qualified through the FastTrack for Azure partners program. Details on this program are listed here.
  • We will offer up to USD $15,000 for partners to engage in providing qualified services to customers, as a potential discount toward a larger project with the customer. Learn more about the qualified services and how to apply for this offer here.

With these details in mind, here are four reasons to get excited for the preview.

1. Accelerated Onboarding and Deployments

Together with our partners, FastTrack for Azure will help get customers onboarded to Azure and accelerate production deployments which will speed up digital transformation, increase customer satisfaction, and enable new opportunities for our partners to provide value added services and custom solutions.

2. Opportunities to Connect with Customers

Any customer engaged via FastTrack not already working with a partner will be offered the opportunity to connect with a FastTrack for Azure partner to assist with a wide range of partner services.

3. Resources and Support

When a partner is already present in the account, the FastTrack team will work closely with that partner to ensure they have the resources needed to help customers succeed.

4. Incentives

The FastTrack for Azure offer provides up to USD $15,000 to be used with FastTrack for Azure to help offset the cost of services provided by the partner.

“We have several customers that have already gone through the FastTrack [for Azure] program and every one of them has seen tremendous value, and they have mentioned that the tremendous value was that direct relationship with the Azure product group and the Azure business group through the process. Because of programs like Fast Track for Azure and Azure Solutions, we feel very confident that we can grow our business two to three-fold over the next two or three years, and we are laser focused in doing that.”

– Ron Savoia, Managing Partner, Stratus Innovations Group

I encourage you to learn more about these opportunities by visiting the FastTrack for partner information here and get ready for the August 1st preview!

Are you already working with FastTrack? How do you see the new FastTrack opportunities helping you serve your customers and grow your business? Share your thoughts with the Microsoft Partner Community here!