If you can imagine an app, chances are you can create it on Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. We want you to be able to achieve more, and we’re excited to see what you will do with this powerful, state-of-the-art solution.
What makes Visual Studio a developer’s dream? You can:
Target your users’ platforms. With Visual Studio 2015, you can build applications for the platforms your users are on without having to learn a new developer environment. Apps created with Visual Studio 2015 span devices, PCs, and the web, increasing the potential market for your solutions.
Do more, faster. With Visual Studio 2015, you get in-context information as you work. Since you don’t have to leave the platform for the tools and frameworks you need, you can focus your time on coding and building the best software for your customers’ needs.
Get more to market without losing quality. The rate of application development today means you’re under pressure to ship more frequently. But we know your primary goal is to deliver solutions of the highest quality. Visual Studio 2015 helps you do both, with the tools, services, and resources to facilitate better team collaboration, release management, and analytics. For a more detailed look at the product lineup, check out this blog from the Visual Studio team.
Visual Studio 2015 is an agile development platform, and we want to get it in the hands of our partner community. Here’s how we’re making it available to our partners:
Partner type
Benefits now
Benefits when Visual Studio 2015 launches
Microsoft Action Pack
Visual Studio 2013 Professional
Visual Studio 2015 Professional
Silver and Gold Competency
Visual Studio Premium with MSDN subscriptions (2nd highest MSDN subscription level)
Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN subscriptions (top-of-the-line MSDN subscription)
Application Lifecycle Management Competency
Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN subscription(s) (highest MSDN subscription level)
(There are no changes to license quantities or Internal Use Rights. Read more details on Developer Tools benefits.)
Try Visual Studio 2015 for yourself. We’ve made a preview available so you can check out some of the amazing new features. We think once you’ve experienced the preview, you’ll be as excited about the upgrade as we are. We also greatly appreciate your feedback, so once you’ve completed the preview, share your thoughts through the Send a Smile feature.
Hear more at Build and the Worldwide Partner Conference. We’ll be sharing more information about Visual Studio 2015 at these upcoming events, so be sure to add us to your agenda. We’ll see you there!
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