We are now only one week away from WPC.


One of the perks of my job is attending the conference. It provides me with the opportunity to engage in new partner relationships, as well as maintain current ones. The tremendous size of WPC is breathtaking. But despite being one of the largest conferences out there, you don’t feel lost. Instead you feel like you’re an integral part of the whole experience. Because you are. I can truly say that WPC is the best networking and information technology conference I attend all year—and I attend quite a few!
As the opening day of the conference approaches, the anticipation grows. I spend a lot of time setting up meetings using WPC Connect, selecting the sessions I want to attend, and monitoring the social feeds on the Digital WPC site (great site, by the way). I’m completely plugged into everything that’s happening.
I know that we’ll have an incredible experience again this year. And, as always, everyone will take away an invaluable amount of insight and knowledge.
Selecting Toronto for this year’s WPC was an excellent idea. After all, the Canadians go out of their way to be amazing hosts. In addition to taking advantage of all that WPC has to offer, take some time to visit the city. From the local pubs to all the museums, Toronto offers a wonderful experience.
If you’ve never been to WPC before, you’ll be fascinated at the openness of the people. Don’t be surprised that fellow attendees are ready and willing to talk with you. That could mean business opportunities!
Also, be sure to take advantage of the social media opportunities available to attendees. These can help you make connections with industry colleagues—and they give you the ability to interact with the plethora of partners in attendance.
Looking forward to seeing you at WPC Toronto!
- Harry​