Slalom Consulting, attended its first Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) ten years ago and it’s funny – while we can say that every year has been successful in its own way, rarely has our company’s strategy for WPC looked the same, two years in a row.

What never changes in our WPC experience is that it’s always an invaluable chance to align our business with Microsoft’s plans, connect with key executives and strategic partners, and spark even more inspiration for moving our company forward. WPC allows us to understand the comprehensive partner opportunity for the next fiscal year and learn directly from the sales, marketing, product and leadership teams that we collaboratively work with throughout the year.
Our planning for the year ahead and the next WPC begins not on the heels of the current year’s event…but during it. Knowing the conference is going to bring about instant action items makes this a must-attend event for Slalom, and we’d like to share some of the ways it energizes us and keeps us coming back year after year: 
  • Actionable information. When we learn about Microsoft’s priorities and new technology strategies for the year ahead, we are passionate about applying that information to our business and translating it to solutions for our customers as soon as possible. 
  • The opportunity to connect. We’ve learned over years of attending WPC that it is critical to have a connection strategy going into the conference. To maximize the investment we make in sending team members, it’s important that we are precise and strategic in coordinating meetings and introductions with Microsoft executives and other partners. This year, we’re focused on networking with Microsoft regional leads to introduce our national network model, and scheduling meetings high in strategic relevance to our business.
  • Technology that drives our – and our customers’ – businesses. Slalom brings together busi­ness and technology expertise to help companies improve their competitive edge with solutions in organizational effectiveness, business intelligence, mobility, and the cloud. Needless to say, we’re going to hear about many Microsoft innovations at WPC that will directly impact our ability to deliver creative, effective solutions for our customers. The information we will receive about mobility, cloud, and big data – and to drill down further, about Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint – will be more than ethereal “trends” talk, it will be essential to keeping our business growing and evolving, as well our customers’.  
Having Slalom representation at WPC every year is non-negotiable. After all, we’re operating in the most rapidly evolving industry in the market, aren’t we? If you don’t have plans to attend 2013 WPC, I’d encourage you to give it additional consideration, and if you are, we can’t wait to see you there!  Feel free to start a connection with us right away via our @Slalom Twitter handle.