The ICT revolution is increasing the demand for mobile and laptop applications. An app is much more than a tool that augments everyday life: it is becoming a significant part of the growth potential for enterprises developing software solutions and services world-wide. App development is bolstering economic activity, creating new grounds for entrepreneurs and business ventures to grow globally.

To recognize the great work that many businesses in Europe are doing in response to this trend, the European APPCUP is a competition that draws participants from all over Europe to showcase their applications on the Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 platforms.
Last year, with more than 100 innovative apps submitted, the first edition of the European APPCUP was a huge success among young app developers and small businesses. This year, IAMCP, BizSpark, ACT, BEST and Microsoft Partners are excited to welcome the second edition of the European APPCUP.
We’ll be adding a few new things to this new edition of the European APPCUP.  There are two categories: B2B Apps and B2C Apps. There is also a new theme related to health. This edition is the perfect opportunity for app developers who have delved in the health vertical market in providing solutions for citizens and health professionals.
If you’ve already developed an app on Windows 8/ Windows Phone 8, then this is an easy opportunity for you. You can submit your existing app. If you haven’t developed an app yet, then this is the perfect challenge for you. Get inspired with a new idea, showcase your skills and start building what could be your first business startup. The deadline to submit your app is February 2, 2014.

10 finalists will be selected and invited to the final round of the competition that will take place at the IAMCP Annual Summit in Brussels on March 4-6th. The IAMCP Annual Summit is an ideal event to meet and network with other businesses and startups from all over Europe. All the finalists will be given a Microsoft Surface 2 at the award ceremony and the winners of the APPCUP will be awarded with fabulous prizes.

If you are passionate about technology, you believe in your skills and have great ideas in mind, don´t miss this challenge! No great app idea is too small.
Visit our website for more information of the competition and the excellent prizes.