Microsoft SharePoint 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010: It almost reads like the history of Innofactor Plc., which was founded 12 years ago to serve customers with our own brand of CMS called Prime. Prime has been a comrade to SharePoint since the very beginning. In fact, SharePoint was a major reason Innofactor became a Microsoft partner. And it’s a choice we have never regretted! Today, we’ve reached a stage of excellent SharePoint and Microsoft product expertise recognized by our customers, partners and indeed Microsoft. In addition to our nine Microsoft gold competences, we have the distinction of having a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint 2010. This is an achievement that brings us great pride and underlines our dedication to Microsoft technology.



The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is right around the corner: July 8–12! And our excitement is growing each day. This year it’s all about the cloud: our SharePoint add-on publishes into the cloud. And at our WPC booth (#1506) we literally take you to the cloud with our contest for a walk on the Edgewalk at the CN Tower. We’ve already had a few lucky winners. You can watch the below video to see what’s in store.
And we’ll even be serving up cloudberries from Finland Maybe that’s what people would call “thinking globally, acting locally”!
It’s important to know that Innofactor is not simply a reseller of Microsoft products. We’ve worked to add value with our own proven solutions so that we can enhance existing potential in the systems on which our customers rely. Here’s an example: Microsoft SharePoint offers excellent out-of-the-box features, but more often than not they are only understood by deeply experienced SharePoint users. We know companies have SharePoint licenses and use SharePoint for file sharing purposes. But SharePoint offers a lot more. Unfortunately there’s a great deal of wasted potential because of a lack of knowledge and/or limited resources. This results in workarounds, as well as the purchase of tools to duplicate parts of SharePoint—or even substitute for it. SharePoint sites are a good example: Instead of creating a website in SharePoint, it’s created in some other CMS, which may appear easier to use.
The unused potential of existing environments

We’ve discussed this issue many times with our customers and partners, and we’ve made it our goal to develop a solution that doesn’t substitute for SharePoint, but rather unleashes its full potential. For users that don’t have great SharePoint expertise, our solutions keep it simple and make it easier to use. This way, it won’t become an unused, wasted investment.
What would today’s publishing process be without cloud technology? Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure, offers excellent scalability. And we have used that potential for our SharePoint add-on to ensure solid web publishing, even during traffic peaks or emergency communication on the web. SharePoint and Windows Azure are the perfect combination. 


Working with the RIGHT partners

At WPC Toronto, we’ll be showcasing how easy it is to publish a website from SharePoint. Our strategic focus is to work with partners who are determined to deliver the same great value to their customers and indeed for their own organizations. We believe our cloud solution is a solution for the global market. WPC 2012 is the best opportunity of the year to meet potential partners—and also potential customers. And we’re looking forward to partnering with new and interested Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and content solution providers.
If any of our partners have solutions or best practices that make sense for our customers, we want to know about it. We’re always looking for the most productive ways to meet our customer’s needs. So stop by booth #1506 to talk about these exciting potential opportunities.
We’ll be waiting for you—with a taste of Finland!
Wishing you a successful WPC,
ja Gerdt​