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Checking up on healthcare’s progress

The HIMSS18 conference is here and with it come the greatest minds, most inspiring innovations, and latest technologies healthcare has to offer. As part of this year’s conference, medical professionals from around the world will offer their perspective on making healthcare work smarter, not harder, with AI. This includes how cloud computing streamlines patient information sharing, Azure machine learning detects eye diseases faster, and Azure security and compliance blueprint makes compliance simpler. Check out a few highlights from partners attending HIMSS18 below and for more information about how Microsoft is paving the way for AI in healthcare, read our blog post.

Simplifying image storage in the cloud

Backed by Azure, NucleusHealth provides a state-of-the-art solution (Nucleus.io) for migrating medical imaging to the cloud, offering healthcare providers a more cost-effective and improved alternative to on-premises storage. Nucleus.io makes it easy for clinicians and patients to access medical images of any size with their smartphones or web-enabled devices-no matter where they are.

“Microsoft One Commercial Partner (OCP) understands our market and business development needs, and has properly positioned us to their entire organization as a technology partner with the solutions needed to drive efficiencies and reduce image management costs in the healthcare industry.”

-Michael Hostetler, Director of Marketing and Business Development, NucleusHealth

Opening the door to global research

Since the dawn of molecular imaging in a clinical setting, data and healthcare have driven innovation. But as medical breakthroughs continue to chart new territory in available datasets, the technology must keep pace to enable disease research and improve patient outcomes. Through a partnership with Microsoft and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, DNAnexus takes genomic data-one of the largest datasets in healthcare today-and uses it to help scientists and their collaborators discover the origin of childhood cancers and rare diseases. By securely sharing this massive dataset over a compliant, agile platform, DNAnexus facilitates the comparison of whole genomes from hundreds of kids’ cancerous and healthy cells across the global research and clinician community.

“DNAnexus, Microsoft and St. Jude are uncovering actionable insights that save children’s lives around the world.”

-Trent Norris, Director of Strategic Partnerships, DNAnexus

Reading between the lines with predictive analytics

Death and taxes may be inevitable, but KenSci is on a mission to stave off the former with data science and predictive analytics. By leveraging Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and diverse partner ecosystem, KenSci transforms the care continuum with innovative technologies like machine learning and AI-spotting patterns in patient medical records faster and more cost-effectively.

“KenSci is excited to showcase how health systems can truly leverage the promise of predictive analytics, enabled by longitudinal health records on Microsoft’s intelligent cloud to save more lives and money with AI.”

-Sunny Neogi, Chief Growth Officer, KenSci

With more than 45,000 professionals from around the world attending HIMSS18, you can expect world-class education, cutting-edge products and solutions, and unique networking opportunities. What are you most excited for at HIMSS18? Share your thoughts with the Microsoft Partner Community here.