Microsoft partners play an important role in driving deployment, consumption, active use, and ultimately, adoption with our customers. We know that when a partner is involved, customer satisfaction is improved. So you might ask, what is the value for my business in focusing on driving adoption with my customers?
In the past, many IT transformations were so complex and technical that often the outcome of the solution was overlooked. Instead, the IT transformation itself became the focus. Now, those days are gone. Driving adoption should be at the center of any cloud transformation.
What is cloud adoption and why should you care?
Cloud adoption is achieved when customers use the service they purchased on a regular basis, realize the value of the service, and the service becomes critical to their daily lives and work. Selling the cloud is not enough anymore. To ensure long-term success and recurring revenue, partners must increase their focus on driving adoption. By focusing on adoption you can:
  1. Use the cloud to create continuous revenue streams,
  2. Increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, and
  3. Grow and extend your opportunities with customers.
Best practices for driving adoption of cloud services
We hear from many of you that now that you see the opportunity, you want more guidance on how to make the change. We reached out to survey and speak to partners to identify the top best practices for driving adoption of cloud services. Here are some of the key insights from those discussions:
  • “Sell it right” – Sell the value of the business outcome to buyers and help them understand the benefits of the service. Close every deal with a deployment plan and clear path for the customer to fully utilize the solution.
  • When you are deploying and implementing the new services, take a staged approach to avoid overwhelming your customers.
  • Position the value of managed services and how you can help the customer save time and money by outsourcing key functions to you.
  • Look for opportunities to integrate cloud solutions with other line of business (LOB) applications. This will be another opportunity to drive project services revenue.
  • Many partners develop a trusted advisor status with customers and then utilize this to increase customer penetration by identifying upsell and/or cross-sell opportunities and next logical purchases. Many partners have reported that when Microsoft releases new features and functionalities, they use this as an opportunity to reach out to their customers to upsell new services.
Ready to learn more? I recommend the following:
  1. Watch my interview with Chris Oakman, CTO from Eastridge. Chris shared some great insights on Eastridge’s approach to driving adoption of Office 365.
  2. Review the Cloud Adoption Profitability playbook for partners.
  3. Join us for our weekly webinar series called Partner Profitability Wednesdays at 8:30 am PST. Each Wednesday, we will present a webinar geared towards partner profitability, and each session will be followed by a live Q&A session with the subject matter experts. If you miss the live session, you can catch the past events on demand.
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