National Cybersecurity Awareness Month has helped to reinforce the importance of staying safe online. According to an industry report, nearly a billion people in 20 countries were affected by cybercrime last year. Many of these incidents involved targeted hacks that revealed account passwords and credit card numbers. Increasingly, our hyper-connectedness is being leveraged to wreak havoc in the digital world.


We can’t let this disturbing trend continue. We must take action now. Together, we are ideally positioned to help protect our shared digital world. In a recent blog post, Microsoft proudly launched the Digital Peace Now campaign. Based on the belief there is no peace without digital peace, this campaign seeks to mobilize the world’s digital citizens and encourage world leaders to create new rules of the road for our digital society.


Microsoft is not acting alone. We launched this initiative with the founding members of the Digital Peace Campaign Advisory Board: ICT4Peace, Civicus, and Observer Research Foundation. We’re united in believing that digital peace can only be achieved through a coalition of governments, nonprofits, industry leaders, civic entities, and other global organizations.


We’re calling now on all of our global partners.


“Your participation in this movement is critical. With the backing of our global community of partners-more than 350,000 strong and growing-we can be a driving force in pursuit of digital peace.”


Please visit digitalpeace.microsoft.com and sign the petition. Your signature today is one step among many that you can take to help encourage digital peace. In addition to making cybersecurity a priority in all aspects of your business, we encourage you to discuss this movement with your customers and fellow partners too. Keep the conversation going on social networks and include the #DigitalPeace hashtag in your posts.


Together, we will create real and lasting change. Together, our global partners can help make more possible.


Sign the Digital Peace petition here now