Digital marketing is pervasive and here to stay. If you run a business – small or large – you need a web presence and content strategy. And, you need to ensure prospective customers find it.
Put on a marketing hat and consider your online presences. When is the last time you read your company website, and revised it for keywords and search engine optimization (SEO)? When did you last review your marketing strategy, and are you incorporating search engine marketing (SEM) into that mix? What tools are available to help you improve your site ranking and discoverability to potential new customers?
During a recent live webcast, two subject-matter-experts (SME) from the Bing and Bing Ads teams shared insights about these topics. If you missed the session, you may tune in on demand via the Partner Learning Center – it’s chock full of great info that even we here at MPN Training will be using!
Also during the webcast was a live Q&A chat with our SMEs. Below are a sampling of some of the great questions asked during the Q&A:
Q: Do you have recommended tools to use for keyword research?
Q: Let’s say if I search for the volume for some specific query. Will it be 100% exact, or is there something that the historical stat algorithm doesn’t take into account?
A: It is based on historical data over the last 6 months (if applicable), since it is a competitive environment that is all subject to change, but the historical info is pretty accurate.
Q: How do I import my Google AdWords campaign into Bing Ads?
A: If you already have campaigns in other online advertising programs, you can import them to Bing Ads, saving you the trouble of having to set them up from scratch. You can import directly from your Google AdWords account, or you can create an import file and upload it to Bing Ads. When you’re finished importing, you can view your data and have the opportunity to fix any issues. Learn more here.
Q: My business is highly local, why would paid search be relevant for me?
A: Bing Ads offers many local-specific features, which allow you to tailor your ads for a local and mobile audience. This includes:
  • Location and Call Extensions – allows you to highlight your address and telephone number in your ads. Searchers can click-to-call your business directly.
  • Bing Ads Radius Targeting – allows you to display your ad to searchers within a set distance from your preferred location. This is a great way to capture nearby foot traffic.
Q: How do I receive my free Bing Ads trial coupon, as mentioned in the webcast?
A: Email the Bing Ads team at with your company name and contact information.
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