We’ve heard your feedback that attaching yourself as the Advisor Partner of Record (POR) for Office 365, Windows Intune, CRM Online, and Enterprise Mobility Suite using the Online Services Advisor (OSA) form comes with several challenges and takes too much time.
We’re making a change to the Advisor Deploy incentives to automate the partner attach process with a new, online capability.
Starting March 2, your customer’s Online Services Global Administrator will be able to attach you as the Partner of Record for the subscriptions you are actively managing for that customer. No more paper-based, manual Online Services Advisor (OSA) forms – now you can become a Partner of Record online (Digital POR) in the Office Customer Portal for Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and in the Intune Account Portal for Windows Intune and EMS.
We’re making this change to improve the partner and customer experience, reduce your cost of doing business with us, and help ease the issues and escalations you’re facing now. This new capability will also allow us to recognize partners for the subscription they are deploying, rather than the online service.
This change impacts you in three ways:
  • MPN competencies: MPN will use the Digital POR data to calculate the sales goal requirements for Silver and Gold competencies. Partner attachments via OSA form will be counted toward the sales goal requirements for the next 12 months, or until a Digital POR is attached to the customer subscription.
  • Customer reporting: You will continue to have visibility into your customer’s deployment record via the Online Services Dashboard on MPN.
  • Partner Incentives: As a Digital POR is assigned to a customer’s subscription, the Online Services Advisor Deploy Incentive will be rewarded to that Partner of Record, for that customer’s subscription.
Now that you know more about the Advisor Deploy Digital POR transition, there are a few actions you need to take:
  1. Attach as Digital POR to existing subscriptions: When the capability becomes available on March 2, work with all of your current customers to attach you as their Online Services Advisor Partner of Record for each subscription you actively manage.
  2. Use Digital POR to attach to new subscriptions: For new EA/CASA deals, switch to the Digital POR attach method by April 30, 2015. On that date, the OSA form method will be turned off and the OSA form removed from MPN.
  3. Learn more and ask questions: Read the deck posted here for an explanation of how this impacts MPN competencies, customer reporting, and partner incentives.
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