Today it’s time to look at the third module in the Cloud Profitability Program (CPP) series. The CPP offers online, on-demand video modules to help you and your organization transition to the cloud. You can catch up anytime on part 1 and part 2 of the blog series.

Shift your offerings
What’s the difference between an on-premises business model and a cloud subscription-based business model? Do you have an idea of how you can increase your revenue by selling cloud solutions?
These are some of the questions you may be asking as you are thinking about developing cloud solutions and shifting your offerings to include cloud.
In Module 3 of the CPP series, Developing cloud solutions – shift your offerings, you will learn about the decisions you can make today to help position your company for success in a cloud business. The video also demonstrates how you can create and price service packages and solution sets that meet your customers’ needs.
Partner success
One real partner case study of moving from a utilization-based delivery model to an efficiency-based delivery model took place in Catapult Systems, a Microsoft National System Integrator from Austin, Texas. Catapult Systems began making their move to the cloud in 2010 and have most recently invested two million dollars in a centralized delivery unit in Austin and a new inside sales team. This was a big investment for a company their size, with eight geographical regions across the US.
A central delivery model means that the consultants got to work together without flying to the clients’ site frequently, which reduced the travel expense and also made employees happy as they got to see their families more often.
Another benefit of selling Office 365 is the recurring revenue for the monthly consulting fee, compared to the previous project-based revenue.
To hear more of Catapult’s story, watch the video with Sean McNeill from Catapult Systems.
Next steps
Then, when you’re ready, watch the video for CPP Module 3.
We’re now halfway through this five-part blog series on CPP. Leave a comment and let me know how you’ve begun to transition your business to the cloud.
This post is part of a series on the Cloud Profitability Program (CPP), which offers online, on-demand video modules to help you and your organization transition to the cloud. You can find the full five-part set of modules here. Look for the next module on generating leads soon.​