Los Angeles has something for everyone, with attractions ranging from Disneyland to the Griffith Observatory. Yesterday, WPC also provided a wide array of local highlights. Let me offer a few examples of synergies between our host city and Day 2 at WPC.

Los Angeles has amazing beaches and Venice Beach is a place where bodybuilders work out on the sand (that’s why it’s known as “Muscle Beach”). Day 2 was Microsoft’s equivalent—where our business groups flexed their muscles showcasing our newest cloud services, and shared their roadmaps for success. It was great to hear the vision and get glimpses into future technologies. Being a longtime ‘Microsoftie’, and a bit of a geek, this is ALWAYS my favorite day!
Starting Monday, with Mango and Windows 8, we also learned about Juneau and “Denali”. All of this validated for me how the ‘cloud vision’ is really coming alive in the products and services, and just what being “All In” means. Just between us, the “Denali” team is planning to include a health industry focus in their lunch plans today, so health partners need to get ready and get up to speed. I suggest you monitor their progress and work with your PAM and DPE team to see what Early Adopter Programs (EAPs) are available.
Yesterday the health team—led by Neil Jordan, General Manager for Health at Microsoft—hosted a set of interactive discussions. We met with lots of partners, along with many of our field and corporate subject matter experts, to have dialogue with you and get your questions asked and answered. Thanks to all of those who attended, and for your patience, as we were over capacity. We did our best to make sure no partner was turned away!
clip_image002_5_45E293FF.jpgL.A. is also a foodie’s dream city, with offerings ranging from world class sushi at Katsuya to fabulous French at Bistro Provence, and classic California cuisine to delicious Pho! WPC is our best opportunity to thank you for your partnership, so last night Linda Zecher, treated some of our public sector partners to a lovely rooftop dinner at The London West Hollywood, where world famous chef Gordon Ramsay (of TV’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’) delivered pure “gastronomic bliss”. Without your help, we would not have seen the fantastic results and had another record-breaking year of growth within our public sector business.
During the conference yesterday—with a great Los Angeles dining experience still hours away—I was happy to see many partners sampling from a smorgasbord of networking opportunities and making the most of the partner-to-partner opportunities presented here. More tomorrow!
(Pictured above: Monique Mulder, Global Public Sector Lead from Logica, Judy Kolde, and Brian Sharpe, CEO, UberGlobal)​