What a difference a year makes!

Last year we were ‘all in’ the cloud; we all heard that phrase quite a few times. Yet not many people really knew what that meant or how to move forward in the journey to the cloud. While some snickered at the hype, it created a bow wave of business opportunities for partners. This year partners are driving REAL business impact in health through public, private, community, and hybrid cloud solutions.
One of these partners is Orangutech—our Health Partner of the Year 2011. Their eHealth2Share offering uses Office 365 to enable Canadian hospitals to interact and obtain health related publications, communications, and technology solutions through the online service. With eHealth2Share, there is now an application-sharing environment for healthcare across Canada, and a shining example of how providers can improve awareness and productivity by sharing ideas and technology.
Here’s Jason Bero, Orangutech Vice President, with Lynne Stockstad, General Manager Worldwide Public Sector for Microsoft at this year’s awards luncheon: