Tracey Pretorius Senior Director, Global Security Research Strategy

Cybersecurity roundup: Resources to help secure your workforce

IT professional looking at computer monitor

Security is a top priority for Microsoft and ensuring our partner ecosystem is safe means working together to keep threats and breaches at bay. With this in mind, it’s important to note that the cybersecurity industry has flagged a number of associated concerns including potential remote network vulnerabilities, increased hacker activity, privacy and security flaws in popular digital tools, and a flood of new phishing attacks in recent weeks – and what you can do to help mitigate these threats.

We’re aware that many of our customers and partners are already spread thin as they work to keep their employees safe and businesses operational. Elevating cybersecurity may seem counterintuitive, or even unrealistic, given the demands of the current health crisis. However, it’s critical for all of us to stay vigilant – both personally and professionally – to mitigate these risks to our organizations.  

Taking preventative measures to avoid a cyber incident is easier and more fiscally responsible, especially at a time when many businesses cannot afford to absorb the accompanying financial and reputational consequences of a data breach. By prioritizing proper cyber hygiene, enabling multi-factor authentication, implementing a zero-trust model, and adhering to other security best practices, your organization can help mitigate and manage a majority of the targeted attacks that are occurring on a daily basis.

Microsoft has a wealth of cybersecurity resources available for partners that can help inform and guide leaders within your organization as they pivot to face these digital threats during an already challenging time. I’ve rounded up a handful of particularly relevant materials, including:

  • Microsoft’s new Zero Trust Assessment tool, which will help you determine your organization’s readiness across identities, devices, apps, infrastructure, network and data. It also provides deployment guidance to help you reach key milestones.
  • Our Security playbook, which was written by partners for partners. It offers best practices for implementing your security solutions and how to troubleshoot problem areas.
  • The latest articles and blogs by Microsoft on phishing and what we’re doing about it.

At Microsoft, we believe that partnership and collaboration are key to minimizing the impact of the security threats that remain prevalent in our world. I urge everyone to make this commitment together to maintain the safety and security of our shared ecosystem.