At WPC 2014, I said Microsoft was committed to simplifying your engagement with us and making it easier to integrate Microsoft into your own brand, technology, and storytelling framework. We also shared two pieces of news regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and I have updates to share with you today. First, I am pleased to announce that as of today Dynamics CRM Online is available in Open.
What does Dynamics CRM Online in Open mean for you?
The flexibility and potential cost savings of the Open Licensing model make it possible for distributors and resellers selling cloud-based services like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and now Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to sell additional cloud service business to small and medium-sized (SMB) organizations. With Open, these businesses experience a much lower barrier to entry, greatly expanding your potential target market.
For resellers and partners — you now have a great opportunity to go beyond just operational IT and move up the value chain in a business by engaging with your customers on their business processes. For our CRM partners, CRM Online in Open means the potential for more customers in the SMB space to sell important services and IT for CRM Online. The overall motion can create great synergies between our partners and resellers working together and forging strategic partnerships that will pay off in the near term as well as set up additional opportunities down the road.
For more information on the opportunities and benefits, visit the following resources:
For additional information on the unique value Dynamics CRM provides small and midsize businesses, please visit the Microsoft for Work blog.
Coming soon, Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Competency
I also wanted to give you an update on another exciting CRM Online development. The final competency that will complete our new performance-based cloud competencies is the Cloud CRM competency, and I am pleased to announce it will launch on Monday, March 2nd. Based on cloud performance, like the other competencies we launched last September, the Cloud CRM competency will come fully loaded with benefits for those partners who are demonstrating success in the cloud:
Partners that meet the requirements may earn the silver level competency at no cost and the gold level competency at a discounted rate. Check the Cloud Customer Relationship Management to learn more about the eligibility and benefits of earning this new competency.
I encourage you to join our webcast on March 2nd at 8:30 a.m. to hear more details, so watch for an announcement on the Microsoft Partner Portal or on Twitter at @msPartner.
We’re excited to introduce Dynamics CRM Online in Open and the new Cloud CRM competency. This is an area of huge opportunity for our partners, and we want to do our part in enabling you to take advantage of it to grow and build your businesses.

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