Hello partners!

I hope you’ve recuperated after being in Toronto and are full of ideas and inspiration that will propel you to drive big wins for the new fiscal year. I’ve already heard from several partners who are raving about the connections they’ve made and how they feel confident in the plan set forth by Microsoft. As you can imagine, I’m already thinking about how we can improve upon the experience in Toronto and replicate some best practices in Houston. I’m learning about the mix of world-class arts, booming business, pro-sports (I’m a big sports fan!), and award-winning cuisine! Houston certainly has a lot to offer and much to look forward to.
Today, I am pleased to share with you that we’ve launched a WPC 2013 pre-registration site where you can lock-in the discounted all-access pass rate of $1,595US – the lowest price we’ll be offering in FY13! Take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to save and commit to having another WPC experience that will help you to expand your network and drive new lead opportunities for your business.
I hope you’ll take advantage of this new opportunity to save. Never before have we launched an opportunity for partners like this, so I’m excited to offer it to partners – like you, as a special thank you for your continued commitment and partnership.
As a reminder, here are your GO-DO’s as we “dig-in” and become laser-focused on the objectives we were tasked with at WPC in Toronto:
  • Continue networking and engaging with partners via WPC Connect and engage with the online community via DigitalWPC
  • Understand the MPN Competency Updates
  • Familiarize yourself with the new MPN branding
  • Nominate 500 eligible nonprofits serving youth in their communities for the What’s Your Cause Challenge
  • Pre-register now for WPC 2013 in Houston, Texas
I look forward to connecting with you in the coming weeks and sharing more about what I’m working on to make WPC 2013 a terrific success.