If you thought Connect was just for creating your WPC schedule, it’s time you were introduced to the all-new, partner-first Connect platform. Focused entirely on partner needs and based around partner feedback, the all-new Connect is a powerful networking tool you’ll find yourself coming back to before, during, and after WPC, even if you’re unable to attend the conference. Build your Connect profile – and make sure your profile is public – to take advantage of the many resources available only in Connect.

Here’s just a taste of Connect’s new functions and features:
Network with ease
Find, follow, and message partners whose business and interests are complementary to yours. Join groups and conversations that are relevant to your interests. For those attending WPC, use the Meeting Scheduler to set up one-on-ones or small group gatherings and keep track of accepts and declines. When you create your profile and make it public, it becomes a filterable keyword, so partners with business ideas and opportunities can easily find you.
Focus on social
Social channels aren’t just a “nice to have” for businesses anymore; these days, if it’s not on Twitter, it didn’t happen. Connect makes it easy to share discussions, documents, and ​video via email and social. Provide deep links to discussions and lead others to partner conversations you know they’ll find valuable.
Maximize your WPC experience
Connect helps you get ready before you go and stay organized while you’re there. Now dynamic Outlook integration automatically updates your Outlook calendar as you schedule sessions, appointments, and partner meetings. The “free/busy” indicator lets others know when you’re available for meetings. Personal appointments allow you to better manage your availability.
Connect isn’t just for WPC anymore. Yes, the features and functions of Connect can definitely help you have a more impactful WPC experience, but the benefits don’t end when the conference does. Connect provides a wealth of information for partners, all year round.
Not able to attend WPC? Check out the session recordings all available within Connect post-WPC.
After the conference Access documents, photos, videos, and other resources generated specifically at or for WPC, and continue to build on partner relationships with groups, discussions, and messaging.
To be sure you’re getting the full advantage of Connect, make your profile public. In Connect, navigate to your profile by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner. Click on “edit your profile,” then verify the “I want my community profile public” box is checked. Those with private profiles are not listed in the community directory, cannot send or receive messages, and cannot schedule or be invited to meetings with partners.
Don’t miss out! Connect is open to everyone, not just those attending WPC, so log in to Connect today, create your (public!) profile, and take advantage of the many tools, resources, and functions created just for you – the Microsoft partner network.​