I am thrilled to announce the 2014 Partner of the Year Award Winners and Finalists. These partners and their award nominations were truly exceptional. Their accomplishments should be viewed as examples of excellence for every Microsoft partner.

There were over 3200 nominations submitted from 112 different countries for the 46 different global award opportunities this year. There are also 96 different Country Partner of the Year Awards honoring partner achievements across the globe.
Each nomination was judged blindly three times from a panel of over 600 Microsoft subject matter experts. I had the opportunity to review hundreds of examples of outstanding partner work. I saw familiar names, ‘born in the cloud’ partners, and up-and-coming partners doing very innovative and exciting work.
Let me share with you just a few great examples:
  • The winner of the Intelligent Systems Partner of the Year Award is CGI IT UK Limited from the United Kingdom. CGI helped the iconic underground public metro system, which serves more than one billion passengers each year, realize the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Their success came with modernizing the systems that monitor the Underground’s critical assets and systems. The resulting secure, real-time solution has the capability to scale to thousands of devices and sensors. Meaningful data from sensors and intelligent edge devices – on everything from temperature, vibration and humidity, to fault warnings and system alerts – are all available securely in the cloud. This resulted in the ability to reduce service delays by proactively responding to real-time data, integrate disparate systems to automate processes quickly and affordably, and improve strategic decisions with new insights into asset performance.


  • The winner of the YouthSpark Citizenship Partner of the Year Award is Teleios Systems from Trinidad and Tobago. They were recognized by their determination to change Trinidad and Tobago national culture around software development. The Teleios “Code Jam” has exposed university students to real-world, team-based, collaborative software development and sparked excitement around building solutions and innovation. It has also brought together students, academia, and the industry in a creative way to create real-world solutions.


  • The winner of the Windows 8 Application Developer Partner of the Year Award is Dell from the United States. Dell redefined error-prone and outdated vaccination services using an impressive mobile solution and application that reduces patient record errors, improves privacy and makes more efficient use of physicians’ time. The impact is wide-spread. Thousands of physicians and tens of thousands of patients will now interact with Dell’s touch hardware and the application as part of the new vaccination process.


  • The winner of the Devices and Deployment Partner of the Year Award is Wortell from the Netherlands. They are a fantastic example of a solutions partner that has embraced Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first approach. They have helped the healthcare industry lighten up through innovative applications and cloud services, including deploying O365, transforming LOB apps to the modern Windows 8.1 UI, and delivering traditional applications through cloud technologies.
Congratulations to all of the 2014 Partner of the Year Award Winner and Finalists. We can’t wait to recognize and celebrate you at WPC in July. And I’m equally excited to see what all Microsoft partners do for our mutual customers in the year ahead!
– Phil