By Sharon Collins, Microsoft Partner Network Manager and Competency Lead, U.S. Partner Team.

Each month in the U.S. partner newsletter, Sharon Collins, U.S. Microsoft Partner Network Manager and Competency Lead, delivers a message to silver and gold competency partners about maintaining and maximizing their competency investment. Our new Competency blog series continues that conversation, and will also help those partners working to achieve their first competency.
By investing in attaining Microsoft competencies, you’re entitled to valuable benefits to help achieve your business goals. We want to make sure you are taking full advantage of these benefits you have earned. Last month, I highlighted resources to help you build your business presence in the market, by making your competency credentials visible to customers. image
Now, I’d like to share some ways to take advantage of your technical services benefits. Whether you want to resolve a technical issue or sell and deploy solutions, there are many opportunities to get support from Microsoft experts through Partner Services.
  1. Get unlimited support for deals worth $3,000 or more through Technical Presales Assistance. This service allows you to connect for a personalized one-on-one engagement with Partner Technical Consultants who have the latest product, technical sales, and delivery expertise to assist you in closing deals in a timely manner. Some examples of technical presales include Competitive assistance, Business Value Guidance and Proof of Concept Guidance.
  2. Technical Enablement Workshops are presented remotely through Live Meeting to promote interaction with an instructor and get real-time answers to your questions! Here are descriptions of workshops available to ensure you can deliver a consistent experience for your customers:
    • Power Start Workshops focus on the essential product knowledge needed to get oriented to a solution or product. Suggested roles to attend include Sales Professionals and Project Managers.
    • Momentum Workshops build deep dive deployment and development skills around current Microsoft products and solutions. Suggested roles to attend include IT Pros and Developers.
    • Practice Accelerators offer a comprehensive set of reusable tools and best practices that can help you identify customer requirements and project scope, analyze customer needs, and deploy solutions. Suggested roles to attend include Engagement Managers, Consultants, and Architects.
  3. Product Support offerings include unlimited Business Critical Phone Support for non-developer product technical issues and five free support cases per enrollment year to help resolve specific symptoms while using Microsoft software when you’re not in a business-critical situation.
  4. Partner Services also offers customized technical sessions. Contact Partner Services by phone at 800-MPN-SOLVE (676-7658) or by email at for assistance creating a customized approach that meets your business needs.
I hope you’ll take advantage of these benefits that can help you accelerate your sales and increase your revenue. In my next post, I’ll share more competency benefits that you may not be aware of that can help you achieve your business goals.​