In my job, I spend a lot of time sharing ideas and information on how you, our partners, can successfully make the transition to the cloud. Research has shown that cloud partners are outperforming their competition and that cloud is growing at 5X the IT industry overall. Additionally, partners that are building strong cloud businesses have 1.6X of recurring revenue as a portion of total revenue versus other partners.*

The business opportunity for Microsoft’s partners around cloud also continues to expand, and I’m excited to share that Microsoft Azure is coming to the Open Licensing program on August 1, 2014. With Azure, partners are able to help customers embrace the speed, scale and economics of cloud through an open and flexible platform that provides all the building blocks to quickly build, deploy, and manage cloud-based solutions.
Previously, there were two options for purchasing Microsoft Azure, either on or as part of an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft. Through the Open Licensing program, Azure will now be available through another familiar licensing option that offers the benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing, flexible monetary payments, and additional opportunities for you to grow margins and deepen customer relationships.
When you resell Azure in Open Licensing, you purchase tokens from your preferred Distributor and apply the credit to the customer’s Azure Portal in increments of $100. The credits can be used for any consumption-based service available in Azure. To add more credit, you simply purchase new tokens and add them to the account. This gives you the opportunity to manage your customer’s portal, setup services, and monitor consumption, all while maintaining a direct relationship.
As we lead up to availability of Azure in Open Licensing in August, you’ll have opportunities to gain sales and technical skills to prepare for this opportunity. I encourage all of you to view Phil Sorgen’s video on this launch announcement and attend our “Ramp Up” Azure in Open Virtual Summit on June 4th. If you can’t make it on June 4th, you can access the recorded content at that same link afterwards. Finally, you can find answers to many of the questions you might have on this Azure in Open FAQ.
Thanks again for your interest in Microsoft, and I look forward to seeing you at WPC in a few months.