We are a true born-in-the-cloud partner, and our love of all things cloud is right there in our name: Cloudamour. I’ve owned IT companies in the past, and I know the problems of on-premise. When I started Cloudamour, I knew moving clients to the cloud would remove their dependency on internal IT resources, making their lives easier, and Cloudamour would be able to deliver better service than our competition at lower cost and with higher customer satisfaction, so I made the very conscious decision to focus on Microsoft cloud technologies. 
I was right. We went from 0 to 60 clients in our first year, and this year we’re on target to double that. We’ve become a growth enabler for our clients – we don’t just meet their challenges, we bring in the technology solutions that make clients’ businesses better.
And what could be better than making life easier for a charity like Wellbeing of Women? Since 1964, this organization has been improving the lives of women and children by funding research in reproductive and gynaecological health, including prenatal vitamins, fetal screening, and cervical cancer screening. They fund research training grants and provide critical health information to women. As they say at Wellbeing of Women, “The more you know, the better you’ll be,” and we were honored to help them in their mission.
Wellbeing of Women has been around for more than 50 years. While their technology is a bit more recent than that, in 2012, the charity’s IT infrastructure was showing its age. They were located within the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and relied on the infrastructure the College could provide. Unfortunately, that meant limited mailbox space, unreliable systems, and little or no access to mobile solutions – a real issue for a charity that relies on in-person meetings to help generate contributions. Wellbeing of Women wanted a solution that would provide mobility and reliability and support the growth of the charity in the future.
My comment on an online article about charities and cloud technology brought Wellbeing of Women to us. They knew what they needed, and we were able to advise them on the mix of cloud services to fulfill those needs. We worked with them from initial conversation to migration, first moving their email to the cloud, then helping to implement the full Office 365 suite including migrating all their data, and finally moving their business apps and contact database onto Azure. In May of 2013, the charity relocated to new offices. Because they had Office 365 and mobile access, they were able to keep the charity running normally – or so it appeared from the outside, anyway – during the move.
Wellbeing of Women have seen enormous improvements with their transition to the cloud: storage, collaboration, reliability, efficiency are all better. Employees quickly discovered the benefits of Lync for communication that didn’t fill up email inboxes, and Office 365 has given them the mobility they were missing. Best of all? Because Wellbeing of Women is a charity, Microsoft gave them the E1 license for Office 365 for free. Wellbeing of Women’s Digital & Branding Manager, Emma Pinker, has said that Office 365 took them “from zero to hero.” The systems upgrade was a game changer for them, and at Cloudamour, we can hardly imagine a more deserving recipient.​