Surprising fans and bringing brands to life in today’s super-social, mobile, multiscreen marketplace often requires sophisticated interplay between creative concepts and technical execution. For a competitive digital agency, this requires the most dependable technical partnerships imaginable. Wire Stone is committed to delivering moments of magic on behalf of our clients, and it’s important that our audience never glimpses the technology behind the curtain. While a small fraction of users may know and understand the cogs at work, we believe solutions should be about brands and the people interacting with them, never about technology for its own sake. Microsoft products consistently allow Wire Stone to pioneer new solutions, trusting the technology to deliver reliably.

For the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand, our clients at Nike tasked us with celebrating not only the man behind the brand, but the culture of fanatical sneakerheads whose passions helped to elevate the brand to the stature of its namesake. The resulting Social Mosaic is a unique web-based experience, first used at, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Air Jordan brand. By capturing thousands of photos uploaded to the site by Jordan Brand advocates, the Social Mosaic allowed site visitors to see the Air Jordan legacy in action – in closets, on basketball courts, and pounding international pavement. Microsoft’s Silverlight, Deep Zoom, and Azure were used to deliver the experience.
Roles, Azure Worker Roles, Azure Blob Storage (including CDN) and SQL Azure. Azure provides both the web application infrastructure as well as the mosaic generation platform.

To bring a brand to life in an always-on culture, we must integrate interactive, collaborative, and social experiences to create new forms of expression. In this case, an intricate framework built on Microsoft technology enabled Wire Stone to reinvent a traditional art form in a digital environment, celebrating an iconic brand in the collective voice of its biggest fans. For our clients, creative concepts are no longer constrained to traditional mediums. Moments of magic happen when carefully orchestrated technology brings analog moments to life in digital realms, and Microsoft consistently enables Wire Stone to reimagine possibility on behalf of some of the world’s most recognizable brands.