You may recall the recent Cloud Profitability Program series that I covered in this blog. I’m happy to share that we have two new modules to add to this series.

Today, I will discuss Module 6: Create Your Action Plan.
As you move to the cloud and prioritize your changes, you’ll need a plan to guide you. After all, there are numerous things to consider when you are considering a change to your business model. Module 6 should help you roll up your sleeves and create a tactical set of plans for your business—an Action Plan. There are questions to ask yourself and plans to put on paper. After watching this module video, your goal is to create an Action Plan.
Your Action Plan might include:
  • Objectives and goals for your cloud-focused business
  • Detailed steps to help you achieve those objectives
  • A calendar and list of to-do’s. I recommend you create this for at least four quarters—one full calendar year—with a deep focus on the next 90 days
As you are creating your plan, here are some other questions to also ask yourself:
  • Where do you see challenges in executing your plan?
  • How do you plan to introduce this plan to your organization?
  • How might they challenge the plan? 
A complete list of these questions can be found in the Module 6 video. Also in the video are example worksheets to help you think through your plans and projections, and calendars to map out your first cloud year.
I recommend you also download the business plan template – another helpful resource to get you thinking about your transition to the cloud.
And check out the Cloud Profitability ebook – this is your guide for tactical advice on transitioning to the cloud.
This exercise can help you think through your business plans. You may find some surprises as you go through the exercises – areas you haven’t yet considered, or maybe even some new ideas for your business.
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