Thirteen years and change: that’s how much time GreenButton was able to save one of our customers, thanks to a solution that included Microsoft Azure.
PROAN Entertainment Studio, a leading digital studio based in Mexico, came to GreenButton with a very special project: a full-length, 3-D animated feature film starring the beloved fictional Mexican character, Pepito. However, with PROAN’s existing computing resources, the film would take more than 13 years to render.
Clearly, the company needed a high-speed rendering solution, but it had to be one that would fit within their budget and include comprehensive technical support. With such a complex project, the potential for overruns was high, and PROAN needed to avoid the additional costs if possible. The studio chose Blender, a 3D content-creation suite, as its toolset. This powerful software solution makes it possible to create complex 3D animations and integrate third-party features. PROAN’s research into Blender brought them to us.
GreenButton Cloud Fabric is a specialized platform-as-a-service solution that lets developers harness the immense computing power of cloud computing, quickly and easily with no recoding required. Enterprises, ISVs, and service providers can all benefit from this platform, quickly and securely processing compute-intensive workloads and leveraging the unlimited scale of the cloud.
At GreenButton, we have a hard-earned reputation for enabling digital media users to render their jobs extremely quickly – because we enable applications such as Blender to run on Microsoft Azure, users are able to offload their rendering to the cloud for processing. The software performs better and processing time is significantly reduced. Additionally, we were able to provide live technical support, reliable service, and budget-friendly solutions.
Time frame and budget were major concerns for the studio, but by running Blender on Microsoft Azure, we were able to help PROAN meet—and even exceed—their targets.
“With our time frames and budget, we never would have met our targets without GreenButton. The platform, the technical support, and the pricing have been instrumental in enabling PROAN to complete the project in record time,” said Alejandro "Chino" Maldonado, Post Productor Director (CGA).
In their research PROAN discovered other cloud solutions would have taken at least a year. GreenButton brought that time down to around three months and saved the studio 85% infrastructure costs.
Whether it’s designing the next groundbreaking drug, searching for oil, or rendering a movie, with Microsoft Azure, GreenButton’s customers can spin up tens of thousands of cores to get their work done in record time.
Pepito La Pelicula is scheduled to be released in 2014.​