I am pleased to introduce Cloud Platform University (CPU) – an expansion and re-naming of Azure University that now offers a comprehensive Microsoft cloud readiness platform.
CPU is designed to help Microsoft and partner sellers become even more effective at assessing customer needs, offering and discussing solutions, and driving consumption for all priority scenarios across the broad Microsoft cloud portfolio.
What’s included in Cloud Platform University?
CPU comprises online and in-person training centered on topics within the Microsoft cloud:
  • Transform the Datacenter – security and compliance, hybrid storage with StorSimple, hybrid cloud management, cloud compute, business continuity and disaster recovery, big data, modern data warehouse
  • Empower Enterprise Mobility – selling hybrid identity management with Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)
  • Unlock Data Insights – Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, advanced analytics
  • Enable Application Innovation – enterprise web and mobile apps, media services, DevOps
  • Internet of Your Things – Internet of Things (IoT)
Cloud Platform University Online
After attending onboarding events such as Azure at Your Doorstep and Azure Partner Practice Enablement (PPE) for technical roles, the next step for readiness is Cloud Platform University Online (CPO). This is interactive sales and technical presales scenario-based training designed to educate you on the foundational elements of selling Microsoft cloud technology. It aligns to our overall strategy to shift readiness online.
Courses in CPO include videos, case studies, chat, applied assignments, and feedback opportunities. Each course takes place over a defined period of weeks, but participants can complete them at their convenience.
In-person training and certifications
Once you complete a CPO course, you also have an in-person option to get deeper technical product training through Cloud Platform University Roadshows. These will feature expert discussions, small-group work, and individual sales practice. More information will follow – we will update this post once registration links are available.
We look forward to your participation in this expanded program and to helping you get ready to learn about the cloud.
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