This is the final post in our Cloud Profitability Program (CPP) blog series. Today we will cover Module 5: Aligning sales & delivery – close more business.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any business transformation is the people. They need to understand your definition of success and be empowered to execute on a shared plan of driving the cloud business.
According to the content in Module 5, a successful Microsoft cloud sales team consists of:
  • An assertive, motivated cloud sales representative who can drive high levels of customer acquisition through a rapid-fire sales approach.
  • A knowledgeable technical sales specialist with domain knowledge of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Lync, as well as desktop support and management.
  • A customer retention specialist focused on engaging existing customers to upsell and renew contracts.
In the CPP Module 5 video, you can learn about which customers are buying cloud services and their buying preferences.
First of all, cloud customers are different. They may be buying cloud solutions to solve business problems. They may buy off-cycle. The customers can be both business and technical buyers. Their needs may grow as their company grows. And these customers are engaging in more self-education.
Secondly, cloud deals are different. The market is increasingly looking to the cloud. Deals tend to be smaller but with expected services margins. And more deals are required in a shorter period of time.
Thirdly, processes are different. Customers are engaging later in the sales process, and education happens during the marketing stage.
Partner case study
10th Magnitude, a Microsoft Partner and cloud solutions provider based in Chicago, has been selling cloud services since 2010. They specialize in custom app development and database migrations from physical servers to Microsoft Azure.
As there were very few experts in the cloud territory, 10th Magnitude invested heavily to grow staff skills and capabilities on cloud solutions. With great consultancy expertise and well-established infrastructure, the company was able to help customers to divert the operating cost by moving clients’ platforms into the cloud space and reducing the hardware expense.
In this short video with Alex Brown, founder and CEO of 10th Magnitude, learn how helping customers move to the cloud enables his company to become profitable.
That’s a wrap
That’s it! We have now covered all five modules within the CPP program. I hope you’ve found this series useful and feel more ready than ever to start offering cloud solutions. Leave a comment to let me know where you plan to start.
This post is the final installment in a series on the Cloud Profitability Program (CPP), which offers online, on-demand video modules to help you and your organization transition to the cloud. You can find the full five-part set of modules here. Read part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of the blog series.​