You’ve heard it before: “cloud-oriented partners significantly outperform their peers, achieving higher gross profit, higher growth, and a higher new customer acquisition rate” (IDC, Successful Cloud Partners 2.0, 2014). You’ve thought about it, heard the stories of peer success, and now you’re ready to dive in. But where do you start? How do you become a cloud partner? No matter how lucrative the cloud opportunity may seem, you recognize that shifting your current business model is going to be challenging and take time.
Or maybe you’ve experienced a few successful customer cloud deployments, and now you’re looking to scale your business in a big way. How do you build for what’s next, develop a digital marketing strategy, drive a strong cloud sales organization, and deliver services that produce maximum profit margin?
Aggregating the best partner-proven tools and resources that Microsoft has to offer, Cloud SureStep presents Microsoft’s 1-2-3 framework to enable partners to nurture and maximize their online services cloud revenue opportunities, aligned to their maturity of their cloud business.
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We worked with IDC to create the ebook “Successful Cloud Partners 2.0: What IT Solution Providers Need to Know to Build Profitable Cloud Practices.” This ebook gives insights from a broad, global partner survey and from deep dives into cloud strategy with 20 successful cloud partners. The study not only encourages partner transformation to the cloud, it provides actionable steps to achieve transformation.
Planning for your cloud business. Learn to assess your cloud opportunities and how to plan your business transformation.
Your cloud business strategy. Understand how to assess your company’s structure and current positioning. Then determine what decisions have to be made. Strategies will differ based on your local market and business strengths.
Your cloud sales strategy. Cloud has opened up a lot of doors and created considerable opportunity for partners who are innovative and bold. But cloud sales are fundamentally different. Done right, the sale is just the start of a long and profitable relationship. Is your sales team ready for the new paradigm?
Your cloud marketing strategy. As more and more businesses come to the cloud, the space will get noisy and convoluted. How do you make sure your organization’s message gets heard? Consumers are more tech-savvy now than they have ever been, so it’s wise to invest in digital marketing to reach your customers where they live – online.
Your cloud managed services strategy. Adding or increasing managed services in your business can not only increase your profitability, it can enrich and strengthen your relationship with your customer and provide annuitized revenue streams that produce heightened valuations.
The study includes many more insight than I can cover in a single blog, so please take the time to check it out. Consider it your “Cloud Business Transformation” manual. Assign yourself tasks based around the chapters; use the partner examples as benchmarks to measure progress. As you move forward in your plan, leverage the Cloud SureStep framework. The pillars – Start, Grow and Optimize – break down the “how to” for each stage of business maturity.
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