The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is just a few days away now, and I’m sure your team, like ours, is heavily engaged in preparing for the premier partner event of the year. I can’t wait to visit with all of you in Orlando. I’m particularly excited to share with you our new partner investments in my Vision Keynote on Wednesday, July 15. I thought I would give you a taste of one aspect of my presentation I’m excited about which is the opportunity for partners to partner with each other to grow their business.
One partner who has found a lot of success doing this is Nintex, a long-time Microsoft partner and our SharePoint 2015 ISV Partner of the Year. Nintex’s solution – a workflow automation platform built on Office 365 that can be delivered in the Microsoft cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid model – is itself a tremendous tool for increasing productivity and simplifying workflows. But even more astonishing is how they’ve managed to scale that solution and grow revenue at 35 percent year over year.
How did they do it? In large part, their success results from scaling through partners and building a thriving partner network within the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). With more than 1,000 partners, Nintex is able to extend their reach exponentially, bringing in knowledge and expertise from all across the globe. Of course, as members of the MPN, they have the advantage of access to the largest partner community and some of the finest pre-qualified partner organizations in the world.
In order for the partner channel to work, it has to work for everyone – all of the partners and their customers. Nintex works hard to keep its solution easy to build on and implement, so partners can concentrate on value added services. For example, Nintex works with another partner, Synergy, to help its customers build custom workflows. With the Nintex platform, even business users with limited time and tech savvy are able to build workflows quickly and without having to rely on developers. One Australian Synergy customer developed an onboarding process – built on a Nintex workflow solution – that takes 20 minutes instead of a week. Now that’s ROI.
Many of the tools Nintex used to build their channel are available to all Microsoft partners. For example, they leverage Pinpoint as part of their recruitment process, and of course, they attend WPC and take advantage of the conference’s rich networking opportunities. Nintex is hosting a partner pre-day event on the Sunday of WPC in Orlando, and I encourage you to visit their booth at WPC and ask questions.
Like Microsoft, Nintex knows the incalculable value of strong partnerships and works hard to make it easy for their partner community to successfully sell their products. Some key takeaways I’ve gotten from conversations with Nintex executives are values I agree are absolutely central to supporting a partner channel: build a product that’s easy for partners and their customers to install, deploy, and customize, and make it easy for partners to do business with you.
We’re always looking for ways to make it easier and more profitable for you to partner not only with us but with each other. I truly believe that partners who can do this well will unlock whole new levels of success and will differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Nintex is a great example of this, and I look forward to sharing more on how we will support you in doing this at WPC next week.
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