Hello, I’m Allen Boone. In my role at Microsoft, I oversee Microsoft’s partner incentives programs related to volume licensing and cloud offerings. I’m also responsible for ensuring a great experience as partners manage these incentives. That’s why I’d like to talk to you about the CHIP May update, which was released on Monday, May 21.

CHIP, short for Channel Incentives Platform, is one of the key systems Microsoft uses to provide information to the partners that participate in many of our incentives, including Solution Incentives. In February of this year we made some improvements to CHIP that improved partner productivity when reconciling their incentive payments to bank statements. We also took the first steps towards cross-Solution Incentive consolidation so that partners can more easily manage their earned incentives and payments.
With the May update, participating partners now benefit from new personalized home pages, where they can quickly and easily access a summary of their incentives earned and payments received. If you’re adding or updating a Payment Profile in CHIP—whether bank details or wire transfers—you’ll notice they are now validated to ensure the data are correct. This new feature increases the likelihood of timely payments.
You’ll also see a more streamlined view of your opportunity for incentive-eligible transactions across customer Agreement IDs. Plus, you can now query against deals and payments more easily.
By investing in these updates, we’ve improved the incentives management experience, specifically focusing on three key enhancements: addressing partner productivity, supporting a partner’s ability to analyze their incentives activity, and identifying the next steps they need to take with deals.
And there are more improvements to come. In fact, we’re already looking ahead to our next update. With CHIP 9.5 slated for August, you can expect even more productivity-enhancing features that will improve your experience.
If you’re not participating in Solution Incentives, I encourage you to get involved. A good place to begin is to look at the Solution Incentives requirements. Once you learn about how to earn the eligible Microsoft gold competencies, you’re ready to get started.
For those of you participating in Solution Incentives, I think you’ll be pleased with the CHIP May update. I’d love to hear what you think! ​