WPC12 in Toronto is just around the corner. And I’ll tell you a little secret—it looks like this one is going to be the best WPC ever.
Why? For one thing, basically all major Microsoft product have gotten or are getting a major update. The cloud powers everything and—with releases like Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012—on-premise solutions become more and more “cloudish”. The recent announcements of Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface make the mix even more interesting.
So there is definitely a lot happening right now and during Microsoft’s FY13. The partner ecosystem is changing and every single partner has to reconsider its business and revenue model.  Your current model might be perfectly fine in the future, too—but you really don’t want to miss the new opportunities being discussed at this year’s event.
Although the keynotes are always great, I think this year’s will be more important than ever. We’ll hear a lot about latest developments in the cloud and the business opportunity for us partners.
Be sure to take time out and have relaxed discussions with other partners. I’m almost certain you’ll get many new ideas for expanding your business new revenue streams. It can be very fruitful to hear what’s happening in other countries and continents. And you are likely to find new friends and business partners, too!
WPC is the best place to connect with local Microsofties in a casual atmosphere. Representatives from your local Microsoft subsidiary will be in attendance at WPC. Make it a point to spend some time with them—after all, they’re there for you. You’ll also see almost all product groups at the conference. Go have a chat with the people who make the products you build your business on.
Last but not least, there are some great partners showing off their skills and solutions in the Solution Innovation Center, as well as Microsoft product groups, too. Make sure you spend some time walking around the expo and connecting with peers.
Oh—and one more thing! Don’t forget the evening events. If you’re a seasoned WPC attendee, you know where to go; if this is one of your first WPCs, be sure to find out about the parties from other partners. There is quite a lot happening each night of WPC.
See you soon in Toronto!