WPC is just around the corner. Partners are busy packing, downloading the mobile app, perfecting their schedule, and scheduling meeting in Connect to make the most out of their WPC experience. We just wanted to call out a few sessions that you won’t want to miss to keep in mind while you are building your schedule.

ISV06 Driving SaaS success; using the right price and the right incentives
Speaker: Cecile Ferreboeuf Clayes, Neeti Gupta, Yvonne Muench
Moving to the cloud? Of course! Then comes the hard part: how best to go about doing so. Come to this session to hear from Microsoft and leading independent software vendors (ISVs) about the key business challenges they faced and overcame as they moved to the cloud and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. You’ll learn about how to price your application and how to motivate your sales force. Get insights from industry experts on SaaS pricing norms and potential problems, and learn about a tool you can use to analyze the return on investment (ROI) of different pricing options. And, by seeing concrete examples from Microsoft, ISVs, and venture capital experts, you’ll learn about common incentive and compensation models that can drive SaaS success.
SM19 How to create a total content-marketing system: building consistency, efficiency, and momentum into your content-marketing efforts
Speaker: John Jantsch
John Jantsch has been called the world’s most practical small-business expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small-business marketing ideas and strategies. To be effective, content marketing requires both a strategy and a system. In this session, participants will be introduced to the concept of a content plan based on overall marketing objectives and a flexible content-delivery system that takes advantage of the growing number of online networks, tools, and resources.
A few notes from John on his session: 
“Content creation and production is perhaps the biggest challenge facing marketers today and you must take a very planned and practical approach to getting it all done. Waking up every morning and deciding what you are going to write on your blog does not scale.
A Total Content SystemTM approach allows you to plan, delegate, curate, create, collaborate, repurpose and generally get far more out of every piece of content you produce. Once your system is in place it will build momentum with each passing month and begin to multiply in value to your organization.” 
EL05 Leading in a changing world
Speaker: Susan Hauser
This is a must attend for emerging leaders. It is an opportunity to hear from Susan Hauser, Microsoft corporate vice president for the Enterprise and Partner Group about her experiences as she transitioned from individual seller to sales manager to leader of enterprise business at Microsoft, responsible for one-third of the company’s global revenue. Susan will share insight on the skills and attributes needed to be successful in the new area of services and devices. And, perhaps the most valuable opportunity for emerging leaders, this session will include a presentation by Hauser and a moderated question-and-answer discussion. Be sure to come ready to ask questions of somebody who holds one of the largest enterprise sales leadership roles in the world.
Highlighted Sessions
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