Software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways and developers are at the center of it. One thing I enjoy is learning how Microsoft partners have taken advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies to build new products and solutions to help their customers.

Developers are at the center of this time of digital transformation, and during events like Microsoft Inspire, our partners learn how to put the latest innovations to work building cutting-edge, intelligent cloud apps, simplified end-to-end DevOps experiences, AI-powered apps we have yet to imagine, and more.

Microsoft Partners Achieving More

One company that has been doing just that is Microsoft partner Mirabeau. The Amsterdam-based company combines strategy, design, DevOps, and insights to give users the best experience possible. And that means filling their digital journey with relevant visuals, intuitive technology, and future-proof adaptability. It was amazing to listen to Mirabeau’s client manager Peter Bakker where I learned how they partnered with Microsoft and used Microsoft Cognitive Services to develop a chatbot for Dutch airline Transavia.

What makes your company unique in your vertical?

Peter said that Mirabeau is all about bright ideas and brilliant execution. “We combine great ideas with flawless execution and use expertise and empathy to view the world through the end user’s eyes. We create and develop on behalf of our clients and ensure that the best ideas have the shortest time to market. Becoming a Cognizant Digital Business has enabled us to broaden our range of services and expand our reach to global levels.”

Who are your customers? And how do you drive solutions for their pain points?

From Mirabeau’s perspective, their customers are worldwide, leading companies. To remain competitive, they need to be where their customers are. In the ever-changing digital world, these companies need the latest technology to stay one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, they use Agile, multi-disciplinary teams to respond quickly to technological advancements and changing needs.

Transavia, part of Air France-KLM, is known as the most accessible budget airline in Europe. They had witnessed an enormous shift in customer usage patterns towards chat apps. The leader in holiday travel knew the company needed to find new ways to serve this base, using more than just a human interface. That’s where their chatbot came in.

What inspired your solution or product?

Peter said, “The rapid pace of development in this digital medium shows no sign of slowing. And chat is quickly becoming the interaction of choice among mobile users. Through conversational interfaces, customers can communicate and interact with companies from their messenger platforms, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm KPCB predicts that this will be a game-changing development.”

“When Mirabeau approached us with their initial proposal, we were immediately enthusiastic. We knew that chatbots were the next big thing, and Mirabeau helped us see how to apply them to create real added value for Transavia’s customers.”

-Ines Verburgh, Innovation Lead, Transavia.

How is the industry changing now and in the future?

Peter understands that brands must be where customers are. They must be smart and personal. They must create meaningful relationships and continuous dialogue with each individual customer. And above all, brands must deliver what they promise.

He said, “The future of digital is entirely personal. Only the brands that understand each customer and respond to his or her needs will survive. This is the world in which Mirabeau thrives. We safeguard the end-to-end customer journey, no matter what channels that journey includes. Online and offline. Through website, mobile, bot, machine learning or IoT.”

What will you do differently next time?

Peter said that they started to work on Language Understanding Intelligent Service, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, with dialogues in English as the Microsoft teams were still working on developing support for the Dutch language. He said, “Customer feedback has given Transavia and Mirabeau insight in the importance of dialogues in Dutch for Transavia. Fortunately, the Language Understanding [Intelligent Service] teams recently released the support for Dutch which helped the Transavia Chatbot becoming now fluent in Dutch. Chatbots for other major Mirabeau clients are under construction and are scheduled to go live in the coming months.”

What an inspiring story of how the next generation of intelligent apps is revolutionizing the customer experience. I look forward to sharing more excellent partner stories about how Microsoft Azure technology is shaping the future of technology and business.

How have you partnered with Microsoft to develop new technologies for your customers? Or, how do you hope to partner with Microsoft in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.