This summer the company I work for, Wortell, had the honor to win the Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Office 365 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. In our application we had sent in we described how our company builds repeatable solutions for specific markets in Office 365. These repeatable solutions are focused at either specific industries or at specific departments of companies.

Office 365 enables our company to build a sustainable business with long lasting customer relationships. Most of the customers we migrate to Office 365 start off using Exchange Online and Lync Online. We help these customers migrate off of their local environments into the cloud. Next to this we provide ongoing services to our customers. We have adapted the Microsoft Support offering for instance by offering a comprehensive support model in which we charge our customers a fixed fee per month and supply additional support.
The real possibilities to create long lasting relationships and really help our customers improve their business processes however comes from introducing SharePoint Online to our customers. Sure, Exchange Online and Lync Online are great products. Consuming them from Office 365 offers new capabilities and possibilities like having access to the services always and from everywhere in a secure fashion. With SharePoint Online however we can build solutions that help our customers change the way they work.
An example of this is a solution we have created for a company called KidsTopia. KidsTopia is an organization that provides daycare to children. The company was founded about two years ago and the entrepreneur is constantly trying to improve the way they work. Their core business is taking care of children in the best way they can. However children aren’t their customers, parents are and providing a continuous stream of information to the parents about their children is important to KidsTopia’s success.
We helped KidsTopia migrate into Office 365. They love Exchange Online, Lync Online, and use Microsoft Office installed through the portal. The real value of Office 365 however comes from the solution Wortell built on top of SharePoint Online. This solution consists of a Parent’s Portal to which all parents are given access. Parents can get information about the activities done by KidsTopia and register their children for new activities. Also they can view videos and pictures of the daily activities and thus follow their children. Parents can download their invoices and give feedback.
The solution we had created really boosts the business of KidsTopia. It also boosts our business. Out of the solution we have built for this company we have created a template which is now sold to other daycare organizations.
Office 365 and especially SharePoint Online help us build out our business and create long-lasting customer relationships by not only providing them technical solutions, but by innovating on their business processes.
— Danny​