If you have ever managed a group of 2 or more people then staff motivation, success factors, team building, performance management and talent acquisition have likely been front and centre.  The chances are high that you have searched the web for words of inspiration or check lists from top authors for a “how to” guide on building the dream team.  Clichéd phrases such as: “take the team pulse”, “inspect what you expect” and discussions on the true, tried and tested four stages of team development have likely all added some small help – or have they? What do these phrases even mean, and can they be actualized into winning performance?

My goal over the next couple of blogs is to help our readers engage in critical and simplistic thinking on the purpose of a specific team, and what has to happen to turn the team from a group of employees/peers into a crew who jointly subscribe with passion and commitment to a common goal.
Here are some easy steps to help to you determine the vision and align your team to successfully achieving it:
1.  Is there a Vision?
2.  Do you buy into the vision?
a.  If not – rethink your role.
b.  If yes – why and can you articulate it and how your team is significant to the vision?
3.  What skills or experience levels are required to exceed the goals of the vision?
4.  Talent round up:
a.  Who do you have available to you – do you need or want everyone who is available to you?
b.  Who do you need on the team that is not available to you and what is the recruitment plan?
5.  What budget is available to you, and can you afford the level of talent required?
6.  What is the mandate for your team achieving that vision and can it be measured?
7.  Have you assigned stakeholders? You cannot go it alone.
Winning teams all have a great leader. Start by sharing all you can. In every discussion during every phase of the above steps – be transparent and authentic about the vision, the challenges, expectations and how each individual fits into that vision. People will never get fully onboard if they do not understand the why and the how. Have you shared the vision today?