The C in DWPC Series – Part 1

We set out a few months back to bring you a new and richer community experience. This experience — an important step on the larger roadmap — is intended to create a place for sharing stories, information and to bring the diverse world of partners together.

I want to start highlighting key aspects of the new and IMPROVED Digital WPC — a site where the “C” stands for “Community” in addition to “Conference.” Where the “C” stands for “Collaboration,” through the sharing of thoughts and ideas. And where the “C” could even foster “Connections.”

In this first post of what will be a series, I will cover one of my favorite features of the site that I would say is definitely about Community: Our “Partner Blog” feature.

If you’re on our home page, under the “Perspectives” column you’ll see this toggle:

Click on “Partner” and you’ll see a waterfall of blog titles which link to posts that have been published on blogs that represent Microsoft partner companies (like yours!).

Our Partner Blog program rolled out in mid-2010 just before WPC, intending to capture the rich collection of thoughts, ideas and stories that you’re sharing through your social media channels. The program has been growing ever since, with many of you embracing the incredible mindshare that exists within our amazing community of tech professionals.

I invite you to take advantage of this great information by subscribing to the Partner RSS feed. And if you have a solid blog that is updated often with your brilliant information and experiences, you can submit your blog to be reviewed for editorial content relevant to our reader base.

Topics that we look for as ongoing information to share through the Partner Blog program include:

  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Microsoft Partners
  • Microsoft Partner Network
  • Worldwide Partner Conference
  • Partner MPN Experience
  • Partner-to-Partner Connections / Relationships / Solutions
  • Partner-to-Customer Relationships (Biz Dev)
  • Partner-to-Customer Solutions
  • Leadership (Personal Improvement)
  • Management (Managing Business)

Submit your blog for review. By the way, just thought I’d add that blogs which contain announcements with low editorial value, blatant commercial advertorials, and personal content or overall SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION will not be included.

Love your participation in our — your — community. Keep it coming!