“One of the biggest findings was the need for marketers to understand buyers. This is especially true of companies selling cloud solutions.” IDC and Microsoft recently conducted a survey of successful cloud partners around the world, and according to Gerry Murray, IDC Research Manager, this understanding is a major key to success in the cloud. We want to help you achieve and leverage that greater understanding of potential customers, so we’ve created a unique resource based around the best practices of successful cloud partners: Smart Partner Marketing.
The idea behind the Partner Marketing site is that some of the best learning comes from those who have “been there, done that” – successfully. The ideas we’ve captured are repeatable, scalable and applicable to other organizations and many build on the fundamentals of good marketing, with a new twist, digital delivery. As many of you heard from the Vision Keynotes at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference, digital marketing is a very hot topic right now, so many of these resources focus on specific how-to’s of digital marketing. Here’s how the site works:
  1. ASSESS: On the partner marketing page, you can take a short assessment about your company’s marketing practices and readiness. Depending on how many employees you have, the size of your marketing department, the marketing you’ve done or are doing, etc., we’ll provide custom recommendations appropriate to where you are and where you want to go.

  2. EXPLORE: You’re not limited to the recommendations we provide. Explore the site as much as you want, taking whatever bits of wisdom best apply to you, your organizational needs, and your business goals. Watch videos of successful cloud partners and how they’ve put marketing to work for their companies. And learn the basics of marketing from some experts we interviewed at Microsoft.

  3. SHARE: We think all of our partners have ideas and stories to share that will illuminate and inform other partners’ marketing efforts. Please use the “share” tools to add to the library of knowledge we’re building.
What will you find on the site?
The resources are divided into three categories: Practical Marketing, for companies with fewer marketing resources who are looking to expand their marketing activities; Progressive Marketing, for companies with mid-sized marketing departments who are interested in increasing their marketing reach and impact; and Sophisticated Marketing, for large marketing departments who are ready to create highly personal customer experiences. Within each category you’ll find videos, tools, advice, and marketing materials for partners who are similar to you but perhaps further along on their cloud journey.
“When we started marketing, we had no clue what we are doing.” That might sound familiar to some of you, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Partner Systemfarmer in Budapest, Hungary have a very modest marketing department with just one FTE. The organization spent a lot of time developing their digital marketing, implementing, failing, iterating, and implementing again. But by focusing on search engine optimization, carefully measuring response on their website, and making changes when necessary, Systemfarmer has been able to stay nimble, increase site visits, and turn those visits to leads. Hear how Laszlo Foldesi, CEO, and his team made it work:
In addition to best practices from successful partners, you’ll find how-to videos on
  • Telling your story in a compelling way
  • Using content from the Partner Marketing Center and the ModernBiz campaign
  • Creating engaging content including tools, tips, and how-to guides
  • Leveraging social media to demonstrate thought leadership
  • Maximizing the power of your Pinpoint profile to increase visibility to prospects
  • Developing marketing automation to track and respond to customers
  • Learning the essentials of demand generation (with yours truly), and much more
If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, but you want to progress in a way that’s realistic for the resources and staff you have, utilize the power of partnership in a unique and very valuable way with the Smart Partner Marketing site.
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