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WPC is a fantastic opportunity for Microsoft partners to facilitate new connections, learning and collaboration with each other to be better equipped to lead customers in this era of digital transformation. Every year, our sponsors and exhibitors showcase their solutions and share how they are helping their customers be successful.

Last year, more than 16,000 attendees from all over the world came to WPC to experience keynotes, sessions, partner solutions and networking activities to gain a competitive edge, and facilitate partnerships that help deliver cutting edge products and services. One way to help connect our partners is through a wide variety of sponsorship levels custom tailored to providing companies with the best WPC experience possible.

Let’s take a closer look at what success looks like from the perspective of one of our sponsors. Long-time partner BitTitan makes the most of their WPC experience by doing the following:

  • Preparing for the event early.
  • Engaging with their audience.
  • Getting creative with their displays.
  • Connecting with both new and long-time customers.

The Value of being a WPC Sponsor or Exhibitor

While the ROI for each Partner’s attendance or sponsorship is unique to their situation and investment, previous sponsors like BitTitan have continued to invest in sponsorship for a reason: they are seeing results. BitTitan has been a WPC sponsor every year since 2009. They are a prime example of a partner who goes the extra mile to provide a dynamic experience for attendees. We recently spoke with the BitTitan team to hear their story of what it’s like to be one of the top sponsors at WPC.

Rocco Seyboth, VP of Marketing at BitTitan, explained that their business is about making Microsoft Partners more successful and more profitable. For them, being a sponsor is a clear opportunity to engage with their customers and show their target market what they are capable of doing. BitTitan’s entire year revolves around preparing for WPC. Their product launches are even timed with the conference in mind. They leverage WPC as an opportunity to meet with partners, talk about their accomplishments over the past 12 months, and discuss what they see on the horizon for the next year.

Rocco says that BitTitan can attribute 40 to 50% of their annual revenue to their attendance and sponsorship of WPC. It’s a massive part of their business and a massive part of their sales strategy.

“There is no more important event for us than Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. It’s our Superbowl.”

– Rocco Seyboth, VP of Marketing, BitTitan

Planning for Sponsorship Success

Rocco also said that WPC 2016 was the best example of BitTitan’s success at the event over all the years past. The conference content and sessions get better every year, and Microsoft’s commitment to providing valuable resources to Partners is clear.

BitTitan starts planning their WPC efforts as early as possible. They are constantly challenging themselves to produce better and more engaging booths and events at WPC. According to Rocco, their major success this past year was the coordinating of one of the most socially shared events at this past year’s event, where partners were able to meet Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and celebrate the successes of the past year.

“I don’t think you could find a better community anywhere in the world of businesses more committed to the cloud than at WPC.”

– Rocco Seyboth, VP of Marketing, BitTitan

Understanding ROI for WPC Sponsorship

BitTitan looks very closely at the cost of customer acquisition when considering their ROI of WPC sponsorship. They also consider customer lifetime value to be another important very metric of their success. Rocco puts it this way, “Not only is WPC our most successful marketing practice for acquiring new customers, it is also our most cost effective strategy because in no other situation can we attend one event and meet over 16,000 partners all at once.”

BitTitan says they have their best interactions with existing customers at WPC as well. They take the opportunity to renew relationships and friendships, to celebrate the successes of the past year, and to strategize on how they can work more closely together with their partners in the coming year.

“We met with over 1,500 people at our booth. About half of those visitors were existing customers who we are invested in extending a lifetime relationship with, and the other half were businesses who had the potential to become new customers.“

– Rocco Seyboth, VP of Marketing, BitTitan

While BitTitan has found great success as a Diamond-level sponsor, a massive presence at WPC isn’t required to find the value of a sponsorship or exhibitor opportunity. To see what’s possible with as an exhibitor, read what partner Chris Wright, Founder of Fifty Five and Five, has to say about the ROI his company found at WPC.

Sponsorship and Exhibitor Sales Launch

To boost your revenue, win new clients, and succeed as a leader in the partner community, consider becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at WPC 2017 in Washington, D.C. Sponsorship and exhibitor sales are now open to alumni, and will open for all partners on November 28. Be sure to check out the prospectus to learn about the sponsorship opportunities at WPC 2017, and fill out the sponsorship and exhibitor application when you’re ready to get connected with the WPC sales team.

We’ll see you in D.C.!

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