If you have an upcoming sales conversation with a business decision maker or other prospective buyer for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solutions, you will want to be ready. We’ve pulled together a series of training resources to help you with your sales pitch and anticipate questions and concerns from a prospect.
Where to start
Many business decision makers (BDMs) have a basic understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) in general, so you’ll want to focus on the Microsoft solution’s latest features and value – especially how it functions in a cloud environment. For a starting point, begin with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online information from Microsoft. You can also review documentation, such as an e-book on Microsoft Dynamics CRM basics.
Then, dive deeper into the business value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for a cloud-based organization. I suggest you highlight the unique features and differentiators of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and its value in comparison to the customers’ existing business model (such as managed services).
Your BDM audience will likely have some common questions – such as how much the solution costs, and how they can migrate from a competitor (more on that later). You can prepare an effective sales pitch by first watching the video “How to Sell CRM Online.” This level-100 course covers online and on-premises products and walks you through how to effectively sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Also check out the Pitch Perfect video, which portrays a mock conversation with a VP of sales around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM productivity sales solution. The conversation covers common challenges, how the solution works, and next steps to advise you how to sell Microsoft CRM Online to your customers. Internal Microsoft teams have used something similar in the past, and we are now bringing these to you, our partners. This is a great last step to take before your sales conversation – you can learn by example!
If you want to go deeper into the specific features and functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online – the four big tenets of sales, service, marketing, and social listening – you’ll find lots of training on the sales learning path.
The competitive landscape
Be prepared to identify and describe the competitive landscape – know what your potential customer is up against and also considering. And be ready to handle objections.
In advance of your meeting, walk through a few common scenarios, such as how to migrate from a competitive technology, so that you can have responses prepared. Review competitive training for Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and more as found on the sales learning path.
How to buy
To help your customers make a strategy for purchase, you’ll want to cover pricing structure and options. Start by reviewing licensing and pricing from the Spring Blitz, soon to be added to the Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP). Note that the DLP requires a fee for access. Also review this “How to Buy” Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online pricing and licensing info. You can use these resources to walk through options with your potential customer. Also make sure to mention the Sales Productivity Promotion, which allows customers to purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online alongside Microsoft Office 365 and Power BI for a reduced rate.
Take action
As a sales partner, your first step is to review the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online sales learning path – you’ll find a variety of on-demand training courses and resources such as those mentioned above.
Finally, take advantage of your MPN benefits by accessing technical presales assistance, including competitive assistance, feature overview and comparison guidance, request for proposal (RFP) questions, and business value propositions. Partners with a silver or gold competency receive unlimited technical presales assistance for any deal worth US$3,000 or more. For deals worth less than US$3,000, you can access technical presales assistance by phone using your allotted partner advisory hours or through the Partner Support Community. Learn about additional services available as part of your MPN benefits to help you sell, deploy, drive customer usage and support CRM Online more effectively.
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