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Azure Partner Vision series: how partners succeed with Azure

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In the third and final video of our Azure Partner Vision series, we hear from Microsoft partners on how they are succeeding with Microsoft Azure. Partners share the benefits of working with both Microsoft and Azure Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The goal of this series of shorts has been to share specific insights and learnings surrounding areas of opportunity where partners can unlock value for their customers.  

When asked how they are succeeding with Azure, the first answer from partners is always the Azure platform itself. Partners reference the security available from the ground up and the ability to integrate and manage on-premises, across multiple clouds, or at the edge. They note that they are able to build and deploy how and where they want. Finally, they highlight the ability to be future-ready with continuous innovation from Microsoft. In addition to the platform, partners succeed with the partner ecosystem, sales channels, and technical enablement. 

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Microsoft partners are transforming customer businesses using the power of Azure

Partners gain access to a vibrant partner ecosystem. Dave Shook, Co-Founder & CEO of ShookIOT (now Update), explained, “When we started the company, we looked around at what cloud provider to partner with. The answer was hands down Microsoft because they actually know how to work with partners.” 

Partners leverage new sales channels with Microsoft Marketplace and co-sell programs. Felix Adamcyk, CEO, qiio, an edge-to-cloud solution provider offers, “If you have a good relationship with Microsoft, you can theoretically sell to anyone in the world.”   

Partners benefit from robust programs for technical enablement. Jason Frankel, IoT Architect and Principal Consultant, Telstra Purple provided states, “Microsoft has contributed to our success through Azure training and IoT certification.”  

Our ongoing success is driven by our extraordinary partner ecosystem. While this series reflects only a handful of the ways partners are succeeding, it demonstrates some of the opportunities your organization can pursue as part of the Microsoft Partner Network.