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Tony Shakib General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure partner insights: The benefits of digital transformation for customers

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In the final video of the series, “Azure partner insights,” we hear from Microsoft partners PTC, Accenture and Sierra Wireless on the benefits of digital transformation with Internet of Things (IoT) technology for customers. This concludes our series of shorts where we have shared specific insights and learnings in areas where partners will find the most value.


Kathleen Mitford, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP at PTC, pinpoints product differentiation as the key benefit that customer ESAB gained through its digital transformation process. ESAB, a manufacturer of welding equipment, now offers smart, connected welding products. Through its connected products, ESAB is able pull equipment data and use it to offer predictive maintenance services to customers. This new service saves customers money and decreases downtime while providing ESAB a new revenue stream.

Brendan Mislin, Managing Director at Industry X.O IoT at Accenture, references customer PT Sera, a fleet management company. PT Sera has benefitted from digital transformation by streamlining the operations of their rental vehicle businesses by connecting thousands of rental cars and trucks. The company can now visualize the data from each vehicle within a single command center. With this data, PT Sera can geofence and optimize travel routes to reduce expenses and increase customer satisfaction.

Kent Thexton, President & CEO at Sierra Wireless, highlights customer Girbau, a leader in industrial laundry equipment. By connecting its machines to the cloud, Girbau benefits by gaining the ability to offer preventive maintenance services to customers. Now Girbau’s customers can maintain their fleets of laundry machines more efficiently, reduce downtime, optimize operating costs, and increase profitability. As Thexton summarized, “IoT is about saving money, making money, or both.”