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Tony Shakib General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure partner insights: Why partners select Azure for customer projects

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In the fifth video of this series, “Azure partner insights,” executives from Microsoft partners PTC, Accenture, Sierra Wireless and ABB discuss why they are selecting Microsoft Azure for customer projects. In the video, you’ll hear partner feedback such as the following:

  • “Azure helps us get customers to value faster.”
  • “The pace of innovation is rapid.”
  • “Customers are telling us they want to use Azure.”

When asked why PTC has selected Azure for projects, Kathleen Mitford, Chief Strategy Officer and EVP at PTC, explained that Azure helps her organization get customers to value faster.  Azure and the Azure IoT platform are scalable and have all the security features that PTC customers need.

Brendan Mislin, Managing Director at Industry X.O IoT, Accenture, cites the rapid pace of innovation as one reason Accenture selects Azure. He noted that Microsoft is delivering special features to products like Azure IoT Edge and Azure Stream Analytics that have helped Accenture build solutions that they would not have been able to do just a few years ago.

Kent Thexton, President & CEO at Sierra Wireless, noted that his organization is moving all their services to the Azure cloud. In his experience, most enterprises are using Azure or are prepared to use Azure—making it the cloud of choice.

Tim Scanlon, Group Vice-President, Customer Experience Innovation, ABB, stated that his organization is using Azure to extend what the company currently has with its control systems. Azure provides an IoT platform that works at the device, the edge and the cloud.

Mislin wrapped up with this astute observation: “We see enterprise customers coming to us with use cases in retail, in manufacturing and in other industries, and they are telling us that they want to do IoT with Azure.”

Partners view Azure IoT as a secure, scalable platform and view Microsoft as rapidly innovating Azure IoT products and services.